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Goodbye Bubby my darling


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Thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts and wishes.


I have since received his ashes and they are on my bedside table next to my head. They bring me great comfort. During the height of my obsession with Bubby I commissioned these giant printed photos of him. MrB has hung two around the house for me. One in the study where I write/watch TV at night and one in the kitchen entrance where he used to sit. This is my way of coping. 


After lamenting to MrB about why Bubby was not visiting me, the old boy finally visited me in my dreams. He was still old just like when he passed away but his eyes were clear again and he was completely healthy. He didn't speak in human language but we could communicate perfectly. We went for a walk together and he tried to assure me he was good now and had solid off leash recall. I was like "Nice try Bubby, I still don't trust you!". He looked sheepish, squinty and cheeky just like he always did. 


I asked him why he didn't visit me. He told me it was typical of me to pine over him while he's off somewhere living his life and being happy but he knows I miss him so he made an effort to indulge my sentimentality and decided to come see me. I asked him to come see me again as often as he can. He said maybe he'll humour me and that I'm still such a sap. Haha even in death my relationship with that dog has not changed one bit. 


I've been taking Bitty for long walks and brushing up on her training again. She is so awesome. Seriously one of the most well behaved and easy to teach dogs. I'm very thankful to have her in my life. 

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Another latecomer who can't believe she missed the beautiful Bubby's passing.  It seems like only yesterday he was a new puppy - and I've loved his antics and your stories over the years.  I hope time is healing your hearts, while Bubby watches over you all. RIP with  my Mac Bubby.  

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I will add my name to the list. I am devastated that I missed this and having a good old cry.


Bubbity I am so very sorry. He was such a special boy and I loved hearing all his stories. I am so glad he came to visit you and I hope you are well.

I'd like to think that Patch has found him and introduced himself and they are off having a nice snooze in the sun somewhere.

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Sorry I haven't been in here for a long time, it was too painful to read more sad stories/notices when I was personally grieving.


putting that aside, he was a beautiful dog and was obviously very loved.


i hope your grief has eased a little.



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I've only just now been able to bring myself to read this. I've shared my condolences but I couldn't bring myself to read this, and even today I'm having a little cry. I hope he's getting lost with Panto up there. :heart:

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