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New puppy is not well - Advice needed re.breeder


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Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased a puppy from a registered breeder and picked him up 4 days ago.

We noticed a couple of possible health issues with the pup over our first weekend with him. We have taken him this morning for his first check up with our local and usual vet.

He is very concerned about some issues, which are being followed up with some blood tests and Xrays tomorrow.

I haven't been in touch with the breeder yet as I want to have all facts, but my question is, what duty of care does the breeder have?

The breeder advised us when we first viewed him he was the runt of the litter, however had been given a clean bill of health from their vet and was "eating really well".


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Not really enough information at this stage to make any useful comment.  Depends what the issues might be with the puppy and whether they were reasonably discoverable by the breeder and/or breeder's vet.    When did you first notice concerning signs?


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Apologies, brief on the info as breeder is on DOL.

The issues suspected by the vet should definitely have been picked up by either the breeder or when vet checked.

There are 3 main issues.

Jaw - his jaw is clicking severely and his bite is very weak. This was the first thing picked up by our vet. He is unable to eat anything even remotely solid. His kibble is being soaked thoroughly yet he is still not really interested in eating. The breeder stated when we picked him up that he was eating really well. He is not (and I have kept his diet identical) 

Airways / breathing - his breathing is laboured and far too fast. His is regularly wheezing / gasping. He sounds like a dog would with a cold and blocked nose.

Stomach - his ribs are showing, he looks small in size but his tummy appears very big and maybe swollen. He looks quite out of proportion. I noted this with the breeder all 3 times I viewed him and they assured me he had just eaten and that was the reason.

We first noticed some signs the day after we got him (3 days ago).


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As you have only had him a few days and have already had him at the vet, I believe the breeder would/should take responsibility. Get your vet to document everything. I would expect the breeder to offer a replacement pup or a refund in exchange for returning the puppy, so be aware that you may need to part with him if you're not happy. 

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