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Is my dog a dingo

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Hi just found this site and thought I'd ask a question about my dog 

Many ppl have told me she has dingo in her or aske me if she has and tbh I have no idea

She's a rescue and told she is part cattle part whippet

It's not an issue as we love her so much but more curious 



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4 minutes ago, persephone said:

Could be one of any number of crossbreeds :) She has gorgeous eyes :) Love that first pic ! LOL Dingo certainly wouldn't be my first ( or second) thought .

OK ty I think she has beautiful eyes also :)

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Dingo isn’t the first thing I see either. maybe kelpie, shepherd, staffy mix or who knows what! 

And be aware if you are in SA as your profile suggests, that it is illegal to own or keep a Dingo or Dingo hybrid or mix as a domestic pet. There are very real repercussions and it won’t end well for you or your dog. So probably best not to suggest in any way whatsoever to anyone that you suspect there may be Dingo in your pet dog.


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Cream kelpie cross is what sprang to my mind. I'd suggest that she would be best registered as a kelpie cross, for her safety's sake. If she is part dingo (and she looks quite a lot different to all the dingos I have met- all 4 of them lol), I'd suggest that it is a very small part of her that is dingo. Do a google on cream kelpies (images); you'd see a lot of dogs that look like your girl. Of course, there is more than a touch of dingo in kelpie blood lines anyway...:laugh:


There is also a post topic on DOL that is titled "How to tell if your dog is a dingo?" which quickly became a bun fight; here's the link

Cheers, ricey


p.s. enjoy your dog, as it matters little what she is or isn't (until the dangerous dog Nazis decide she is a restricted breed, and come knocking at your door)

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Youtube some dingo videos. 


She doesn't look dingo or cross to me. :)  Must be the colour throwing people off. I used to get told all the time that my black & white pointer was in fact definitely a dalmatian :laugh:


Scratch is right though. Be very careful if you're in SA.

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On 1/9/2020 at 5:21 PM, *just*me* said:



OMG!!! That is a cracker photo... lol!


I think what you have there is a very rare and much sought after Cuddlehound... never sure of parentage, but a delight in every respect...


The snout and feet don't look "dingo" to me... and I've been around a few - fostered pure and crosses...


She doesn't need a "breed" label... she's unique.



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There are some elements there, but they are hardly unique to Dingos.
Keep in mind that dingos have been breeding with domestic & farm dogs for over 200 years, so its possible Any Australian mixed breed could have a smidgen in there somewhere.
At a guess, I would have said your girl is a ubiquitous "Kelpie cross" with any Dingo DNA well buried.  

The pronounced forehead crease is a trait, as are the pointed ears, but neither is unique.  Unlike your girl, Dingos have a broad skull, and that is a dominant trait that will carry through several generations.
With Dingos and first crosses there is a marked difference in colour between the back and the underside/ legs/ muzzle.  Your beauty looks too uniform.


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