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Albert the Pei

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been raining constantly up here and 'someone' has been going stir crazy without his walks (he did make us walk him one day in the rain even and poor D fell over and did a mud skiddy!). Today there was sun and mischief!


PS He's had 2 lots of people interested in him. One has a housing issue and the other an unexpected health issue. So sad for him but maybe something will still work out with them.

434195859_10161011079912412_6514843499788132857_n resize.jpg

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  • 4 weeks later...

It was chilly here last night so we stuck one of Jonah's old coats on Albert. Not sure he's ever worn a coat before because he was initially trying to get it off. Didn't take long though! He slept like a log (with a blankie on top of course).




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Last night it was cold again and Albert was in a coat with a blankie over him. He totally melted into a Cold Coma and first his legs and then his bum fell off the chair. I tried to push them back up but it was dead weight. Took this funny photo of him suspended in limbo by his coma. Took the blanket off and it roused him back up on the chair again. He's such a weirdo! But still very cute. And still waiting for his forever home.


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  • 1 month later...

Time  for an  Albert update. He's  been here 4 months now and has had  numerous meet and greets. These meetings started out well but as time goes on he doesn't connect with anyone and show his loving self to them - just all manic energy to drive them  off!


As time goes on I think it will get harder for him, and my sister and I will have to have a serious conversation about whether he stays here permanently. It's not that we don't love him but his fear of other animals and young age mean we've got years of isolation from all the things we love (fostering, having a house full of dogs, pei catch ups for instance). He's also very strong with high energy and still pulling, despite the halti. Both my sister and I have gummy wrists and are getting older and there have been a couple of instances of being pulled over (but not losing control of him). So not ideal but obviously we love him and love all the other stuff he brings to our lives.


The rescue thinks/hopes the right person will still come along and he will be his best self for the person he wants to impress (have seen it before multiple times with the breed). But I'm starting to think he has made his choice whether we like it or not.


So we wait.... 




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