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  1. Perhaps the dogs would do better on separate diets - My allergy girl got different food to the rest - might help
  2. http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/aug/31/labrador-retriever-genome-dogslife-data-disease
  3. mmm do you think he asked before he patted???
  4. Couldn't agree more - the fencing was not adequate to contain 4 large, strong dogs. Owner's description of the fencing makes it sound rather ad hoc. If you can't afford the fencing - don't get the dogs or if you are a renter and the fencing is not adequate - don't get the dogs - simple really isn't it!!!!!
  5. I don't care if the child was looking for his brother or selling cookies or seeking help - he suffered a sustained and vicious attack by approaching someones front door - dogs need to be destroyed and owners need to think about how they house their dogs :mad
  6. You were lucky staffyluv - my grandparents lived at Broken Head and I remember having to climb trees several times to get away from Afghans who were not being friendly
  7. What a complete sweetheart - so glad you could take him from the pound - those eyes tell his story - how sad that he ended up alone and frightened in the pound when he had already lost a much loved owner but one week on and
  8. Good luck with your girl - keep us updated :D and thank you!!!
  9. Little gifts - you have given me the best idea - never thought about stuffing with fabric remnants - my guys will love this!!
  10. Actually, I wouldn't call it plucking a random breed from the air - its not like they said it was a jack russell or an airdale is it
  11. I hope the dog is pts - and hefty penalty for owner - so sick of these attacks :mad
  12. Since you are bringing these pups into the world you need to be responsible and desex them before they go to their new homes - as someone else posted staffies and their crosses are way over represented in pounds. If your vet doesn't want to do it - find one that will!! You have had first hand experience of the difficulties of having entire animals - don't let the same thing happen to these babies
  13. Gosford City Council have a facebook page and there are numerous comments about their poor record in dealing with dog attacks - go and have a look people - and maybe leave a comment
  14. Haha - never met a poodle that did not like retrieving, playing and learning :laugh: :laugh: . What size are you looking for and what are your priorities?
  15. Personally, I find that standard poodles are much more body aware than other gun dogs - they can play inside and not demolish the house. Obviously training is very important - if you don't want a boisterous ill mannered dog then it needs to be trained. Mine have been excellent with children and my elderly grandmother when she was alive but they are also very obedient. As others have said - choose your breeder with care - regardless of breed - this dog is going to live in your home with your children. I have had a mini for several years now and she is fabulous - she loves kids and they love her.
  16. Is their an canine advocacy group you can seek assistance from?
  17. Actually, they have stated that they have notified the owners of intent to declare the dogs dangerous so that is good news. I would be asking how long the declaration takes and how far along in the process they are now Hope you and your babies are doing ok
  18. Don't let your dog run free in areas where baiting is taking place
  19. Just to clarify, essential oils are actually chemicals :)
  20. Please be careful applying essential oils neat - I have seen 2 little dogs poisoned by teatree oil being put on them neat - they recovered but needed veterinary treatment
  21. Hope this boy's home works out - you have your head and heart in the right place Brighstar :)
  22. Sounds like time for the media and grab your neighbour as well - how sad that one can no longer see a "live" person when dealing with local council - many people do not use email - how are they to deal with such matters :mad Personally, I think such tactics are a methodused by council to decrease the volume of "problems' that they have to deal with :mad
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