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  1. Koko's screen test for the first in the trilogy. RIP KOKO. Great dog.
  2. If humans respond to you like a little puppy making a whiney sound then you should probably get better humans, MrsRB. I wonder if any Dolers know who the breeder of the pups was.
  3. I really liked the first one. I thought it was a very well put together movie, but the prequel trailer looks great. Baby Red Dog NAWWW. Very cute puppy.
  4. Looks even better than the first in the trilogy.
  5. I love the superbowl ads!
  6. I have no words. So sorry kirty
  7. I'd probably flirt. That cop was pretty hot.
  8. Maybe, or maybe as you said she was just having a really bad day. Lovely little pug.
  9. Jesus christ she's in serious need of psychiatric treatment. I was expecting some crazy old bag lady, not a young woman.
  10. Poor little girl, and the other kids who witnessed it.
  11. hey you be quiet. I got the best runt in the world. She turned out to be a mini mastiff. Best attitude of any dog I have ever seen, and much loved by her owners.
  12. This is terrible. Do you have compost that they can access in the yard? My dogs got into it a few years ago and all ended in emergency as well. Its horrible. Fingers crossed for you Kirt, and full recovery for the little onesy
  13. raz

    Vale Loki

    I only just saw this. I'm so sorry, ruffles. Such a beautiful dog.
  14. She looks very Zsa Zsa Gabor posh in her polar fleece. Not so much lying on her back All the best with the new arrivals.
  15. I love John Oliver. The retaliation video is hilarious!
  16. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/john-olivers-hilarious-take-down-of-barnaby-joyce-and-the-war-on-terrier-20150518-gh4jmg.html :rofl:
  17. How did the dogs even get through customs is the question that needs to be asked. What else did that idiot bring in. And more importantly, how did they get on the plane at the other end? Just because he's a bloody celebrity doesnt mean he's exempt from customs checks. They should simply be sent back on his la de da private jet.
  18. I would just do it and not even disassemble at inspection time. It's not permanent and quite frankly is no different to buying a little kennel for them to sleep in.
  19. Seems like a good idea to me. Filthy barbarians.
  20. On it's own it would just be disturbing, but what I found funny was it came out just as I was thinking I could not take any more of this overhyped, trashy film being thrashed in the papers and on social media.
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