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  1. In no way do I agree with BSL but why can't they put some onus or responsibility on the breeders of these dogs? The amount of SBT, AST, AmBulldog, Mastiff and their crosses that are being bred and sold on FB pet pages is disgusting - one page had 10 new ads go up in one day for regional Vic. If they shared some responsibility it might make them think twice about pumping out litter after litter
  2. We live in a town where the average person earns below the poverty line and is currently the only place in Victoria that has the "Basics Card". Most of the dogs you see around here are SBT & AST type dogs, generally with studded collars, entire, unregistered and the bitches have boobies down to their knees :-( In the Estates which are small acerage a few KM from edge of town there are a lot more PB - in our Estate there's: * 1 x Lab (who's always bloody wondering) * 1 x ACD * 1 x GR * 1 x GWP * 1 x SBT all of whom are from registered breeders!
  3. I did try to toys and speed bumps in the box plus side sleeping but alas it didn't work and he ended up becoming a swimmer. I started out with egg cartons covered in pillow slips and then when he hit about 2.5wks and his chest had gone back to a more normal shape I switched to acoustic foam which is more expensive than the egg cup foam but a bit firmer.
  4. Has anyone got their numbers yet?
  5. They can be on the smaller side to begin with, think MnM size and sometimes they can be monsters and hold them close when you try to feel for them. In regards to him being overweight or not I would be going on what a fellow breeder thinks after going over him and not a vet as IMO most vets deal with dogs on the more portly side and seem to prefer fatter dogs. If it's any help my boy who was born in Feb 2013 is just over 20inches and is 19.5kg but you can feel his ribs without have to poke for them!
  6. We back onto paddocks and have orchards just over the road, we have a pool plus a channel behind - snake haven We have cleared the backyard (approx. 1.5acres) of all shrubs and creepers, there's nothing left on the ground for them to hide under and no rocks or boulders in the yard either. Lawns are kept short. We have a flock of 10 free range Guniea Fowl (who get locked up at night), kicker boards covered in sump oil attached to the entire boundary fencing. Touch wood we have yet to have a snake in our yard in over 3 years since placing these measures (we had two when we first moved in and before we did all this), the neighbours get between 1-5 per season. Our local snake catcher believes our kicker boards funnel the snakes to choose a easier route to get through - neighbours yard with no fencing at all and a few shrubs for cover. Our bloody cat did bring one young brown home last year but the Guniea Fowl quickly dispatched it!
  7. Any charges referred to the Courts by a council will be summary offences - will be in the Magistrates court, no jury. But rules of evidence still apply. I don't know about Vic, but in NSW I don't think that council officers are "authorised officers" under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. So if that was the case any charges referred by council would not be cruelty ones. DOes anyone in Vic know whether council officers are authorised under cruelty legislation down there? I believe that in Vic council officer are not "authorised officers". Doesn't it depend on the individual ACO's qualifications and whether the Council enforces particular legislation in the municipality or the RSPCA?
  8. American Bulldogs again.........the Jogger now this one There is no place in the community for these stupid breeds for people wanting a protective type of dog. There is nothing wrong with having a dog that offers some protective quality in fact a dog can be very effective to keep potential thieves and unwanted visitors away and help people sleep at night, but a good GSD or Rotty will achieve that nicely who are genetically safe unless provoked with a high degree of trainability......bloody Bulldogs, Mastiff's and crap like that used as protection dogs are mauling's waiting to happen......when individual dogs in these breeds have a high degree of social aggression, they are extremely hard to train and direct aggression in the right areas for the right reason which is the reason why professional's don't use these breeds in formal protection roles. Are you for real? Any dog has the potential to be dangerous; thought I'd test your theory and this is the first article for GSD+bite+child in Google: My link There are also articles for a JRT killing a 8 day old baby in the UK and a Pom killing a 6wk old in USA. Should we ban all fluffies too?
  9. I can't wait although not looking forward to wet grounds. I think I'll have to bring the 8mth old skin kid - that should be interesting in the mud, LOL!
  10. There are some very reputable breeders in WA that I wouldn't hesitate to getting a dog off: * Borderton Kennels * Mysql Kennels
  11. No wonder the average, less informed Joe Public can be so anti-pitbull when you have people who are so extreme anti-BSL who's first concern with a news article is the alleged breed and not the poor human involved in the attack I hope she recovers both mentally and physically from her ordeal
  12. The dog was put down because the owner failed to: a) microchip b) register the dog with Council c) claim it after 7 days With the information provided by another DOL member on here I hope the paper runs an article on how these "poor hard done by owners" left a second dog in the pound to possibly the same fate. With BSL in place why do people keep buying unpapered bull breeds, not register them and then cry "victim" when their unregistered, unpapered dogs are picked up at large? They should get no sympathy, only their poor dogs and should be banned from owning a dog for x amount of time. The amount of AST, SBT and AmBull dog and their crosses available on FB is so sad, there was 32 puppies go up on one day from different "breeders" - surly if someone's dog is seized under BSL they can sue the breeder?
  13. Good point, I hadn't thought of that. How sad for both dogs and their owners at losing their pets due to some form of negligence. However, I do not understand what relevance the comment about the deceased dog being handed to owners frozen has to do with anything, would they have rather be handed a decaying body?
  14. Exactly what I was thinking!
  15. Penis extensions I'd be thinking - probably similar to the tool in our town who walks around with four bully type dogs sometimes on lead sometimes not - thankfully for them our rangers aren't too proactive.
  16. What needs to be banned is bogan BYB - have lost count of how many SBT, AST, Mastiff, Am Bulldog and their crosses advertised on FB pet pages!
  17. It made the news again tonight but couldn't heard a word over the kids. Makes me so mad that the small minority of idiots ruin it for everyone else.
  18. But if there's a two week grace period as she'd just moved wouldn't the registration from the previous municipality have covered that? Not that I agree with it but with all the recent propaganda regarding bull breeds attacking you can understand why the average Herald Sun reading Joe would be concerned with a dog of this type in their yard.
  19. Has there been any news on how the victim is recovering?
  20. So the first dog owned by the lady was at large and unregistered?
  21. I'd try contacting the breeder anyway - you only know one side of the story so maybe they're actually really good to deal with?
  22. That poor little kid - hope he recovers with minimal damage both physical and mental.
  23. Nicolette Skirt Suit Metalic Silver US 10 Brand new never worn $40 plus postage Sold
  24. Subaru parts can be expensive, my mechanic wouldn't touch Vectra with barge pole so I'd be going the Santa Fe. I had a 2000 Liberty and was a dream to drive but when parts needing replacing it cost a bomb! Had a Holden Viva wag on, absolute gutless piece of crap and computer went just after warranty ran out. Had a 2003 Hyundai Get and it was such a great little car - that's my experience with each of the brands you've mentioned :-)
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