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  1. They do trolleys http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/category&path=113 I wonder if anyone has bought one, and what they are like? Thanks Jed, but I meant the steel type vs the aluminium bar type
  2. Too bad Oz Grooming doesn't do trolleys, I ordered my new c-crate trolley over 4 mths ago and still waiting
  3. I do like the C-crate style but they are heavy and after 4 mths after ordering i'm still waiting for my trolley !!
  4. Rang C-Crates today - no wonder I haven't recieved it they haven't even sent it yet !! ggggrrrrr not happy jan !
  5. I have owned c-crate trolleys before (and do recommend this style of trolley) however after ordering a new trolley I must admit I'm not terribly impressed by the service provided by c-crates. I'm still waiting on my trolley to arrive, seeing as it order almost 8 weeks ago ! Has anyone else had this issue recently ?
  6. Oz Trail Deluxe - easier to put up alone and sturdy, ours have been through some testing times !! I would suggest against the compacts as I've helped older exhibitors put these up and find them horrid to do so and very stiff (?) to expand out, also have seen the roofs on these sink in in heavy rain.
  7. You wont recieve numbers in the mail from an SA show, they will be available for collection on the day. Has you cheque been cashed ? Did you send a stamped self address envelope for acknowledgement of entry ? - in saying this this could be in the post.
  8. Dog's are sent from and picked up from the freight terminals in Adelaide, depending on who you fly with will depend on where you need to pick up your dog whether it's from the AAE Freight terminal further down from the passenger terminal or the TOLL Freight building which is in the new business park which is further away.
  9. I disagree with the OP, we do not have the numbers to warrant this system, it will only make the title of "Australian Champion" to have even less value it has now. In my opinion your up and coming young dogs and untitled stock should be able to beat the Champions/Grand Champions if they can't then maybe they are not worthy of the title, we are meant to be striving to better the breed. I think to do as proposed in the original post in Australia would be a backward step in breeding programs here today, yes it would make it easy to title a dog (far too easy !) but then what would be the point if you did not have to compete against the dog's that currently dominate the breed. Many breeds in Australia barely have the numbers now yet to remove the titled dogs from competing for points would only make this worse.
  10. I have heavily "vetted" potential puppy owners after all some puppy enquirers really don't seem to know what their getting themselves into particularly with my breed, and you know what ? the ones that were suitable were appreciative of the vetting as they felt more comfortable knowing that we were particular ! Secondly yes we do have 'outside' jobs after all our dogs are our passion and hobby but we need a real job to pay the bills ! So don't be upset or impatient we will get to those emails eventually
  11. Thanks guys got someone to swap with. I've still got one extra if anyone from the other states are interested ?
  12. I get a couple of extra Journal's each month and wondered if anyone in VIC/NSW wanted to do a swap ?
  13. Sat AM : dogcc Ch Aceweis Yabba Dabba doo rescc Mastaregrand Amercian Playboy bitchcc Gr Ch Hubertus Narniia rescc I don't remember Sat PM: dogcc and rescc as above, bitchcc as above, rescc Mastaregrand Aspire No Higher Puppy In Group: Mastaregrand Amercian Playboy Sun: dogcc Mastaregrand American Playboy rescc Mastaregrand Mr President bitchcc and rescc as per Zensus post
  14. I much prefer the Oz trail deluxe for durability, I find that even though they are bigger they are much easier to put up that the compact.
  15. The recieving owner will need an export pedigree to be able to register the dogs semen in their country.
  16. I understand the two days prior not only for judges flying in but also for exhibitors from other states.
  18. Fingers crossed Lili, I hope the prog supplements help her carry to term
  19. I would speak to you repro vet, most will use a weekly progesterone injection to maintain the prog level, fortunately it is safe to adminster this without constant prog readings providing you terminate progesterone supplementation outside of a week before whelping.
  20. I'd go frozen then you don't have to worry about issues with timing and getting semen to you ASAP esp if the bitch comes in at an unopportune time.
  21. I'd be more interested in something to strive for after the grand
  22. I'm sorry I've only just been told of this thread by Gotta. I'm so sorry to hear of Oakley's passing, I know how hard it must be for you at this time. Saint's are such wonderful companions and characters they leave big pawprints on ou hearts. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time, and I hope Zephyr is coping ok.
  23. I suggest having the allergy blood test to determine what exactly he is allergic too.
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