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  1. If they are able to get a referral to SASH - Dr Rita Singh is the cardiologist there and she is wonderful. She will be able to conduct scans and give a clear indication of prognosis. She looked after my 7 year old weimaraner with myxomatous mitral and tricuspid valve degeneration (MMVD and MTVD) with severe left sided cardiac enlargement, ventricular premature contractions and congestive heart failure. Best wishes.
  2. Hi Smiff, Great news that you have experienced improvements on Vetmedin - the symptoms you were experiencing are from lack of oxygen circulating so the fact you are enjoying improvements is fantastic. Respiratory function is key - generally what will happen with heart failure is the lungs will fill with fluid - heavy breathing, coughing, then overflow into the abdomen giving the appearance of bloating - so I would suggest keeping a diary. Each night when shes asleep - not dream sleep, get out your timer and count her breathes for 15 seconds multiple by 4. A normal sleeping respiratory rate is < 30 per minute. Should it be consistently more than 40 call your vet and ask for advice. More than 60 take to the vet. As you progress she may be prescribed Frusemide - a diuretic to remove fluid - she will need access to water and access to outdoors to wee. Once on a diuretic you may be prescribed Benazepril to support the kidneys since they will be working hard to expel the fluid. Have you asked for a prognosis? Generally shorter in larger breeds but depends greatly on how damaged the heart is at this time. My darling was still bouncy until his last week. He went off his food, which made giving tablets so much more painful, his digestive system began to shut down, diarrhea and vomiting, more lethargic, started to look bloated, slower to walk around, respiratory rate slightly increase, however still happy to see people, would eat McDonalds - if nothing else! - drinking lots of water. He died peacefully at home during the night which was best case scenario. The photograph attached was taken the day before he passed. Hope this helps in some way, I know its not easy. - Ann
  3. Hi there My boy Jager (7 year old weimaraner) was under care at SASH (Dr Rita Singh) for myxomatous mitral and tricuspid valve degeneration (MMVD and MTVD) with severe left sided cardiac enlargement, ventricular premature contractions and congestive heart failure. Daily: Frusemide 100 mg PO BID Benazepril 10 mg PO SID Pimobendan 10 mg PO BID (Vetmedin) Mexiletine 200 mg PO TID Vetmedin helps the heart contract better. What would you like to know? What breed? How old? What symptoms are you experiencing? - Ann
  4. We have two of these and we have found them very good quality - the covers are also available for replacement http://www.snooza.com.au/products/fleaproofer.shtml
  5. jagersmum

    The Washing!

    Only hang washing when you're home. Else have you looked at installing a fence around the clothes line? I can partition my backyard into sections on days I have to go out with washing on the line.
  6. I say I want a friend to play with... you bring me this?!?!
  7. What is that there contraption you're pointing at me?
  8. Mmmm honest answer I wouldnt go. Too many meatheads at dog parks these days and we've been everywhere from Kirrawee, Liverpool, Minto, Castle Hill, Mosman etc. Our oldest was attacked twice (once still on lead when we walked through the gate) and I was very upset over it. I am their protector and I felt like I failed them. We cannot relax at dog parks just wondering when the next moron will enter the park and clear it out after attacking every single dog. We only socialise our pups at obedience and with friends. Ask your friends and neighbors for an afternoon to bring your pup over? On walks ask if you pup can sniff another when you pass - all these things would be safer in my opinion.
  9. oh echo! you are just too handsome!
  10. ... my husband showers with our two weimaraners... (one at a time they wouldnt all fit!!) while I sit on the bathroom floor holding the shower door shut with my foot
  11. So terrible. Unfortunately animals are too good for some humans.
  12. Know any farmers? or shooters? You need someone with the equivalent of a R license through the games council in QLD. Through the winter we have a freezer full of rabbits, wild boar, etc
  13. lol it is scottish. my cousins on fb write exactly the same with no effort.
  14. 4 month old pup I would like to see a larger vegetable component. Id also like to see more bone and fat - kangaroo is very lean. Have you thought about egg or using flaxseed oil instead of olive oil and using a fattier cut? My two love kangaroo but when feeding i try to up fat in other ways to compensate. How much does the pup weigh?
  15. Hunting in the blue mountains with our boy
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