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  1. So sorry to hear this, beautiful Benny ????????
  2. Your dogs certainly have a good life!! ????
  3. I am sorry, I went through similar in February when we lost Harley. It was sad/hard but I remember his last day we had to say goodbye with fondness now. We were so lucky to be able to spend time and say goodbye. I wish you and your family all the best in this hard time.
  4. You could try and leave something (t shirt, jumper) that you have been wearing, in his bed? No idea if this will help, but it may provide him with some comfort?
  5. Wow, he must be big! A single foam mattress might be better then, not as expensive as a proper (inner Spring) bed mattress and lighter to move around?
  6. So sorry to hear this outcome ????
  7. Love benny! Happy birthday beautiful boy! ????
  8. What a lovely tribute, may he rest in peace
  9. harley


    So sorry for your loss
  10. So sorry for you loss May your memories soon make you smile
  11. If you feel a connection with them, it is just as hard Hugs for you
  12. So sorry for Toby's early departure. Sounds like he was peaceful. Many hugs for you xxxxx
  13. Thank you! He is gorgeous! ❤️
  14. Yippee! What about a sneaky picture to tide us over???????
  15. I am following on Facebook It means a lot to me as i have a beautiful friend whose whole family is affected by this
  16. Happy birthday Didi! Beautiful photos!
  17. I'm so sorry to read this, what a beautiful and lucky boy he is to have found you xx
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