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  1. Too hot for the greyhounds (and me) when it's nudging the 30 degree mark. We haven't been anywhere in the last few days, too hot in Melbs. ETA we don't walk on roads or footpaths anyway, only the bay trails where there is a lot of shade.
  2. No started 5 dogs on it and none had an issue Bugger, just our luck I guess. She's well within the weight range for half a teaspoon (15-35 kilos) at 26 kilos so it's not like it was too much for her.
  3. Well I bought the powder and after one dose of half a teaspoon for Maddie she got the worst runs the next day She never gets the runs and as she'd had nothing different it must've been the powder. Has anyone else had this reaction, I'm not game to give it to her again she's dealing with enough at the moment without a runny bum
  4. Felicity is listed as a Maltese X and is 10 years old. She is available from the Save-A-Dog Scheme in Melbourne. http://saveadog.org.au/animals-adoptions/601/small-dogs/1013/ Look at that face!
  5. That's it Powerlegs! Honestly sometimes I just want to go to the park...you know? Instead I'm putting them in the car 5 minutes after arriving and giving Stan the biggest serve of "WTF was that Stan you lunatic?!" all the while driving off thinking people are thinking I'm an arsehole who belts my dogs and have taken my numberplate and are ringing doggy Docs! Pfft Stan doesn't care, he's got his head out the window and poor little Maddie is just quietly sitting in the car (as she does) thinking " well that was a shit birthday"
  6. *sigh* well I don't really know what happened :laugh: One minute I'm sitting on a log at the park feeding them a Maccas cone trying to take dodgy pics on my phone one handed when all of sudden Stan leapt in the air, smashed into Maddie, got tangled in her lead and came crashing down on the log I was sitting on. Maddie had her back leg somehow caught in his lead and fell over as well and the ice cream cone was crushed in my hand, plopped onto my left boob and then plonked onto my foot which squished into my toes as I was wearing thongs. Stan of course was screaming at the top of his lungs while the park full of picnickers (public holiday, absolute madness down here) all looked at us with their sandwiches poised at open mouths thinking I was bashing him to death. I was trying to stand him up while he continued with his blood curdling screaming while Maddie bless her was trying to scramble to her feet and then once he was up I was brushing him off and checking for injuries, which of course he had none. *people still staring* I think it was a blow fly that was hanging around and he hates them with a passion :/ petrified of them. A lady walked past us as I was trying to find my sunnies that went flying and she gave me the foulest look but I thought there's no use trying to explain I think a fly scared him coz lets face it...she aint gunna believe me anyway so I just bundled them in the car and drove off. Just another day in the life of Hazy and the crazies really
  7. Yes the kids are missing you Aunty B!
  8. What an adventure your 15 years were. RIP old girl
  9. Thanks everyone :) Bit warm today for meat pies so we had ice cream cones in the park before Stan caused a huge scene and I ended up wearing most of the ice cream
  10. to my beautiful, funny and very norty girl Maddie. My lttle velcro greyhound that never leaves my side, love you more than words can say This gorgeous photo was taken recently on Mornington beach by Doler Annie K :)
  11. My Mum used to (probably still does) say the same about the horses - she doesnt smoke, drink or gamble so whats the harm in spending it on the horses... I smoke, drink and don't mind a flutter and my two greyhounds have 22 coats between them I have a serious problem but I have moved to Victoria and it's cold...that's how I justify it anyway :p
  12. My dogs are my everything, I have no family, I'm single and have no children. They are and always will be my priority, everything is arranged around them. I rarely go out, I prefer their company and my own. I'm sure some of my friends would be thinking I'm over the top about them but they sure as hell wouldn't be game to say it to me :laugh: I don't care what other people think, never really have.
  13. Well keep the dog on a leash and this shit won't happen, or you know, go to an off leash beach it's not rocket science Article says there have been complaints about off lead dogs so that'd why the rangers were patrolling, bloke broke the law why should the authorities apologise because people can't follow a simple law?
  14. LJ and Sweetie are two 8 year old Italian Greyhounds that must be rehomed together They are available for an adoption fee of $500 for both at the RSPCA in Wacol Brisbane QLD. http://adoptapet.com.au/animal/animalDetails.asp?animalType=3&state=1&searchTypeId=4&pagesize=15&task=view&tpage=10&searchType=4&animalid=443488 http://adoptapet.com.au/animal/animalDetails.asp?animalType=3&state=1&searchTypeId=4&pagesize=15&task=view&tpage=10&searchType=4&animalid=443487
  15. actually with Greyhounds it's know your states laws. Here in Vic Greyhounds are not allowed off lead even in off lead parks. On lead at all times 'cept for private property and Dogs Vic sanctioned events. And always muzzled unless a GAP dog whether they need it or not. Pardon if I've misread but I thought greyhound in vic who pass a special test are exempt from the rules? Just there's a person in next suburb over with 2 handsome ones and I've never seen muzzles and sometimes there's greys in the fenced off lead park (we hang around outside the park at a distance for training) and they're offlead and not muzzled so I figured they'd passed this special test? (They're on lead and not muzzled when out of the park) Once they have passed the GAP testing they can be muzzle free but still not allowed off leash in Victoria except for the places Rebanne mentioned. Not that anyone obeys those laws down here, they even refuse to wear the green collar that shows they are legally allowed to be muzzle free. I'd be in a very small percentage of people down here that muzzle my greys and I would never let them off lead anyway...just asking for trouble.
  16. Dogmad is the one to talk to, she has heaps of experience in toilet training older dogs. She has posted her methods a few times, you might be able to find it through a search.
  17. Yes the guide is on the ebay listing too but it makes no sense to me :/ 6-10kg - 3/4 tsp for first week-1/3 tsp long term 10-30kg - 1 tsp " " " - 1/2 tsp " " 40kg + - 1 1/2 tsp " " " - 1 tsp " " Maddie is fine in the 10 to 30 kilo range as she is 26 kilos but Stan is 36 kilos so according to that he'd get 1 3/4 teaspoons first week and a bit over one teaspoon long term which is a higher dosage than a 40 kg dog There's no dosage for dogs between 30kg and 40kg. I can't work it out or am I just really stupid
  18. So is it this one you use TSD? http://www.ebay.com....=item233281df7d Thanks for the link WM. I've been using this one too, thanks to TSD's recommendation, Kokoda and Henry are doing super well on it! And their vet and chiro were impressed with its ingredients. They each get 1/4 tsp, so i just keep a little 1/4tsp scoop in there to make it easy! One scoop once per day And no issues with palatability. Yes! That's it! Very happy with how Zig has done on it - really noticed it when I forgot it on the last road trip. Sorry for the late reply - been camping/trialling with the dogs. Cool thanks, that's ok. I spoke with the greyhound vet this morning (Maddie is currently having weekly Pentoson injections) about this stuff and he reckons I'm wasting my money but I'm still going to give it a go. I'm going to start them both on it, can't hurt, I just need to work out how much for a 36 kilo dog and a 26 kilo dog :/
  19. So is it this one you use TSD? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Canine-MSM-Chondroitin-Glucosamine-Powder-400gm-Dog-Joint-Arthritis-Dysplasia-/151171227517?hash=item233281df7d Thanks for the link WM.
  20. Thanks lovely :) I just post em up, Jane does all the hard yards
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