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  1. I always love your crazy descriptions. They're so visual, I can see it all. :laugh: True story, you've met us we're all nuts :laugh:
  2. I'll be watching this thread with interest, I need to start Maddie on something with her shoulder injury and now arthritis.
  3. Doler Maddy from Greyhound Haven Tasmania is in Launceston and would love a foster carer I'm sure. Depends on what other animals they have.
  4. Oooo everything crossed! Thank you and thanks for checking in on this thread :)
  5. I have plums, apples, figs, walnuts, loquats and olives in my yard and my two aren't really interested. Maddie will occasionally pick an apple and have a nibble and she likes to hoard half sucked olives in my bed for some reason but surprisingly fatboy garbage guts Stan doesn't touch any of it. He did tread in a mushy plum on the ground and had a meltdown over it, I think he thought he'd trodden in poo he doesn't like poo, and he wouldn't even go near that corner of the yard for ages :laugh:
  6. Dear little Lucy Lou is listed as a Shih Tzu X Lhaso Apso and is 7 years old. She came to the shelter in a pretty bad state but the wonderful Elise and her staff have nursed her back to health and she's now a happy go lucky girl :) Lucy Lou is available form Gosford Dog Paws (pound) on the Central Coast of NSW. http://www.gosforddogpaws.com/dogs/lucy-lou/ A bit about Lucy Lou... Lucy Lou is quite a sweet little girl, she was very timid when she first came to us, but since being here, she is so happy, active and loving life! She is also feeling much better health wise since being with us. When we first got Lucy Lou she was in a terrible condition, she had a Cherry eye which we had to repair, the vet believes that the cherry eye would have been there her whole life because of how big it was, there is still a chance that it may come back in the future, but it may not as well. She had a terrible ear infection, which are so much better now after anti biotics and ear drops and also had a mammary lump removed. Lucy is great with other dogs of all sizes and she loves to run around and play with all her doggie friends. She is great to walk on a lead and she loves human attention and cuddles! Lucy Lou would make a great little companion for someone. She has been looking for her new home since September 2015
  7. Mirra or Booka Mirrabooka is the Aboriginal word for the Southern Cross.
  8. Amber is listed as a Min Pin X who is 8 years old and waiting for a new home at Save-A-Dog Scheme in Melbourne. http://saveadog.org.au/animals-adoptions/601/small-dogs/972/ Miniature Pinscher X Female ~8 years old Amber is a dear little dog who loves nothing better than to be with you all day. She is also quite fearful and will need an adult home that is quiet and very stable as she does not adapt well to noise, rapid change etc. She will tolerate other dogs when out walking but will not want to share with another canine at home.
  9. Stan never stops whining and it hasn't improved with age. From the moment he wakes up he whines, he rarely gets out of bed when I do he likes to sleep in but I'll hear him starting to roo roo from my bed when he awakes. His coat has rolled off a bit or the pillow has fallen off, you know, those things that just annoy a retired greyhound O.o When he finally graces Maddie and I with his presence he starts his whining day with demanding breakfast immediately! He then whines to go out then he whines to come in. He starts whining around 11am for his chicken wing then he whines to go out, then whines to come in. He whines because he has dug all the blankets up in a pile on the lounge and he's cold. He whines because Maddie is laying on the good lounge and he can't fit on, he can't lay on the click clack lounge I bought for them because he chewed a great big honking hole in the middle of that and he gets all whiny about the hole in the lounge. He whines around 2.30 to go for a walk, he then whines in the car all the way to the park and then whines when we've walked too far and he wants to go home. Dog help us if it rains while we're walking, he doesn't like rain, makes him all whiny. He then whines for his dinner, starting around 3pm. Dinner is around 4pm so after an hour of whining he's starving so he scoffs his food and then he whines to go out and then whines to come in. He then whines until the sun goes down (I loathe daylight savings as we have HOURS of extra whining) where he so tired from whining all day he sleeps like the dead so gets all whiny when I wake him to go to the toilet before bedtime. Next day repeat. I used to ask him "what? what do you want?" but he doesn't know so it's just like background noise these days. Sort of like living next to a freeway you get used to it eventually :laugh:
  10. Yes agree with the others you'll be lucky to find a decent kennel with a spot at this late time of the year unfortunately. Most have set Xmas bookings 12 months ahead but good luck
  11. Roxy has found herself at the shelter because sadly her owner is unwell and unable to look after her anymore. She is 13 and a half years old and is available form the Keysborough Animal Shelter in Victoria. http://www.aaps.org.au/?project=tag-36048-pomeranian-female-13-5-years-roxy
  12. Hmmmm so it seems Working Dog Alliance is copping a whole lotta hate from the anti racing activists, they must be very busy deleting on their FB page.
  13. Betty!! love the name change Wonderful news and I'm sure your Aunt and Betty will have many happy years (and spa parties) to come.
  14. Poor buggers Sas isn't doing Great Dane Rescue anymore I don't think :/ but hopefully she may see this and be able to pass on the info.
  15. The one I saw WAS made by KONG.
  16. Poor darling. "Lease issues" - the dog is probably 10 times cleaner, nicer and loving than the owners of the property :mad I read it as they were renting and the home owner may not have wanted dogs (which they are entitled to)so they have surrendered her. If this is the case then that's what makes me angry.
  17. they haven't got them listed yet or I just can't find them which is likely. I wonder if this shelter will work with rescue?
  18. Oh I saw her but thought the grooming might be a bit much :/ Good luck, hope she's the perfect fit :)
  19. Princess is an almost 9 year old greyhound who has been living as a pet but has found herself surrendered to the RSPCA's Central Coast shelter due to the owners having lease issues She is quite confused and a little scared Princess is available for an adoption fee of $100. http://adoptapet.com.au/animal/animalDetails.asp?animalType=3&state=2&searchTypeId=4&pagesize=15&task=view&tpage=5&searchType=4&animalid=441772 A little bit about me Princess has been surrendered due to leasing conditions. Princess is truly a Princess she likes to sleep inside' she cries if its cold, She loves the company of other dogs and going for walks with her owner' she walks very well on the lead and travels well in the car. Princess has been adopted
  20. Bianca your best bet would be to start a thread in General, this thread hardly moves and not many people come in here.
  21. She's gorgeous! Congrats on your new addition :)
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