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  1. Indiana is listed as a PomX, she is 10 years old and available at the Save-A-Dog Scheme in Melbourne http://saveadog.org.au/animals-adoptions/601/small-dogs/1041/
  2. Funny you mention this because since we've moved to Victoria Stan has started cocking his leg when he wees O.o I know that's a bit bizzaro but he's always been a squatter, he still squats in the backyard but when we are out walking he drags me to the nearest tree or pole and cocks his leg :/ When we had his birthday party in April, Beltar bought him a lovely bag of gifts (treats and toys) and he cocked his leg on it and wee'd on everything Must be something in the air down here :laugh: Apart from that he still whines continually, sleeps on my head even when it's 40 degrees and is still as clumsy as. Maddie sadly is still the same nervy little girl she was 5 years ago who never lets me out of her sight
  3. Aaawww she's gorgeous, a white hound like my Maddie Well looky here GAPSA have an adoption day coming up in two weeks, they are always looking for foster carers ;) :D
  4. Stan waits until I go out then he runs amok. I know as soon as I pull in the driveway and don't see two faces at the window that he's trashed something. He also gives himself up by hiding in my bed, usually with his back to the door like it will all go away O.o
  5. I believe they're used to temp test Greys. Thank you. I'm not sure I am comfortable with that. They temp test them in a controlled environment, dogs on lead and greyhounds muzzled, they don't just let them run around a paddock together and hope for the best. Greys need to be temp tested to assess what type of home they go to so they need to be small dog and cat tested before they are homed. For example my Maddie is neither so if she were to be homed to a cat and small dog home without testing she would kill them so you can see the importance of this. I have been to the GAPVIC kennels at Seymour, the little dogs have a ball there. ETA I didn't adopt my greyhounds from GAP.
  6. Yeh I know to stay away from Andonas. Blue is just my personal preference. Some people prefer black, some brindle, some red etc. not sure why everyone always feels the need to take a big dump and "educate" you on colour preference. I've owned staffs my hole life and my parents are registered breeders of an other breed. Im not exactly going to rock up to a puppy farm or pet shop to purchase a dog. My question was mearly price related. Thank you???? No one "took a dump" on you at all. There are almost 35,000 members and thousands of guests that read this forum every day, there are people here with many years experience in breeding so when you come in and ask a question they're going to answer it with the knowledge that the general public will also be reading. This isn't your Facebook page it's a public forum. What did you expect? People were just going to say " yeah sweet sounds like a good price"? FWIW I have a blue greyhound and a white one, neither are my preferred colour but I chose them on their personality, not because they look pretty.
  7. Nooooooo! After putting up with those evil creatures for 50 years I didn't move down here to find out they are making their way down!
  8. So just updating I have been giving the powder to her every second day for the past week and touch wood no runny bum. I'm still only giving her just under the half a teaspoon and will slowly get it up to the level half and then try it daily. It's weird as Stan is the one with the dodgy guts but he's been fine!
  9. O.M.G. :love: Pity she doesn't like other female dogs (or maybe just as well, I'm not sure :laugh: ) She's gorgeous isn't she? GAPVIC don't rehome interstate but I'm sure GAPSA have one to suit you
  10. Gypsy is listed as a Fox Terrier and is 10 years old. This dear little girl is available from the RSPCA Tuggerah on the NSW Central Coast. http://adoptapet.com.au/animal/animalDetails.asp?animalType=3&state=2&searchTypeId=4&pagesize=15&task=view&tpage=4&searchType=4&animalid=446110 About Gypsy... A little bit about me Gypsy is a little sweetie , she would suit an older retired person who would have her as an inside dog. She is housetrained and loves car rides. She had been traumatised by children in her younger years , so she needs a home with no young children. She is a senior dog , in saying that she is very active for her age and loves going for walks. She will need regular flea control and baths in a mild shampoo as she has suffered from flea allergy in the past, her skin has all recovered now.. She is motivated by praises, like your a good girl, pats and ear scratches. Things that make her happy are company, rope toys, walks and car drives. She is fed at night , if she needs to go outside she will sit and stare at you wagging her tail, if you say "do you want to go outside " she will become excited and head for the door.
  11. Meet just a few of the greyhounds available at the adoption day tomorrow! http://gap.grv.org.au/2015/10/16/video-introducing-available-greyhounds/
  12. Part pies are serious business! :laugh: He would've done a cartwheel right at that moment Snook if I asked him to. He doesn't know what a cartwheel is but for a party pie he'd give anything a shot :laugh:
  13. Oh no Kirty I'm so sorry RIP Rupert...forever young
  14. Didi! What a stunning girl she is, a picture of health and a credit to you Terri.
  15. I celebrate both days for my two. Their gotcha days are easy to remember as I got Stan on the 8th of the 8th and Maddie on the 12th of the 12th. With most greyhounds the month and year they were born is tattooed in their ear, if you know their racing name it's easy to look up their exact birthday on a GRV greyhound site. Stan had a party this year for his 7th birthday in a Melbourne park with about a dozen other doggies and Dolers Kirislin, Beltar and Iggy Mum, usually they just get a meat pie :laugh:
  16. Nope not all dogs dig from boredom, one of my greyhounds digs holes because she enjoys it. Just today we went for a good walk along the foreshore, walked back along the beach where she had a dip in the ocean yet as soon as we got home she was straight out in the yard to do a bit more excavation on her current project :)
  17. Seven year old Flower has been waiting patiently at the GAP Victoria's Seymour kennels for her forever home GAPVIC have an adoption day coming up on the 18th of October at Seymour where 70 greyhounds will be available for adoption. All greyhounds come with their green collar making them muzzle exempt in the state of Victoria. http://gap.grv.org.au/events/greyhound-adoption-day/ About Flower... We can’t believe that beautiful Flower is still looking for a home. Although she’s a little older at 7 years of age, please don’t let that put you off as she is the most delightful girl. She is placid and friendly and is sooooo easy to walk on the lead – she doesn’t pull at all. She would be happiest in a single dog household or with a male canine pal as she doesn’t particularly enjoy the company of female dogs. She would be ok with school aged children. If you are looking for a quiet, easy going dog, Flower would be ideal for you. Please phone GAP on 5799 0166 to find out more. Please also share this post so that we can help find Flower her own special home. PS Flower isn't cat tolerant.
  18. I'm sure this one will be the biggest yet I hope Shrimp gets a home, I can't believe she hasn't found one yet she is stunning!!
  19. Yep. Stan is blue so red looks really good on him and Miss Maddie is my first female dog so she gets pink everything.
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