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  1. Excellent prices my old vet in Victoria was charging $20 for a C4 and $17.50 for a C3 $30 for life time microchipping. I have no hassles with these prices as for desexing you can have that performed at any vet clinic.
  2. We have four in this house however only one is mine with another Tenterfield Terrier joining us.
  3. www.monsimbee.com.au A breeder I could not recommend high enough. They are located on the central coast. You can contact hem via the breed pages. Karen would sort the right dog for you. Good luck
  4. His ability to make me laugh and his companionship his company means everything to me. I love him so.
  5. My dog has bitten once broke the skin and caused bleeding. He has never attacked another dog, but has killed rodents, lizards etc when we were out in the bush living. The bite was in his own home I thought no one was there and a nurse had entered the premises and he bit her on the ankle.
  6. I hear you I am always on edge walking my small dog. My predicament is this I cannot walk and use a scooter or gopher to walk him. I am not physically capable of defending my dog from attack. He weighs seven kilograms. My only defence is to shove them with the scooter. I take the same route every time as I know it is safe. I am always on edge and constantly scan for dogs on and off leash. The advantage being that I can pick him up and tuck him under my arm it is my worst nightmare a dog attack.
  7. Monsimbee have a litter coming up they also have sables and the occasional LSC. You will find out more on their website and also on their facebook page. Just search Monsimbee German Shepherds and it will come up. Good luck.
  8. Your very lucky to have them in your dam and your photos are fabulous.
  9. Sometimes in chronic illness with or without family support a canine companion can be your world and keep you going. I had to move across the other side of the country to get my family support.
  10. I am a amputee and have chronic kidney disease and unfortunately had to down size from my heart breed to a smaller breed. Though I miss the bigger dogs I now realise that a smaller dog still offers all the companionship I require and is much less work. I do have family to help when I am in hospital etc but I take care of all his needs when I am at home.
  11. The dog show ones were beautiful but the reflections series was awesome.
  12. Done it took awhile with all the animals in this house.
  13. I would love them but they would cost a fortune to post.....
  14. They are cool love the Rhino one.
  15. These are awesome wonder if I can get them in mini foxie size.
  16. My boy would be PTS and come with me that has always been my wishes and my family know these and it will be carried out.
  17. We have a 10kg LG top loader no agitator that we wash dog towels and bedding in and it does a great job however our dogs are not large shedders. It is just over twelve months old and is super quiet and gets a good work out daily. Prior we had a smaller Samsung and that was good.
  18. I am always wary of any approaching dog or person now when out with my small dog. I simply pick him up when any dog is coming towards us or people. Purely for his safety I don't trust anyone anymore.
  19. I have an extra large do harness to donate to rescue. It is size 5 extra large suitable for Labradors, Ridgebacks and German Shepherd size. Can be used for car harness for transporting. Never been used or open. Just let me know if your rescue would be interested.:)
  20. There is four in our household. That is more than enough for our family.
  21. I have had one bitch pyometra she had to have an emergency desexing or she would have died, this happened after she was mated. I had another have a breast off as a three year old and lost her to cancer at 10, with mammary cancer. Her daughter also died at 10 with mammary cancer just like her mum. The first bitch I lost to cancer her father also died of cancer. They were linebred on a particular bloodline that was known for high cancer deaths. I don't know if desexing them would of helped but what happened is history and so heartbreaking.
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