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  1. a living creature in need,,good humans respond.. and in germany firefighters saved a fat rat which was stuck in a drain hole
  2. just adding a link http://www.naturalvet.com.au/dogs/ what I appreciated with All Natural Vet Care was that their approach was integrative .... ... ie conventional and alternative or perhaps that should be called complementary. They were wonderful.
  3. my Maremma girl Lucinda was dxd with MCT grade 3 no clean margins aged 5. Initially planned another surgery to attempt to get clean margins but in the few days between that decision and the op she had gone downhill markedly and the oncologist at the uni recommended I take her home for a few days to say goodbye!!! well my usual vet did not think things were that dire and I consulted with Dr Barbara Fougere ( All Natural Vet Care ) .. and she and Tony Lucindas' usual vet here in Queensland treated her together. I am pleased to say that Lucinda lived another 6 years remaining with her beloved sheep and goats until she retired due to age. She was holistically treated.
  4. Sympathies over your friends passing. Her spirit will be at peace knowing that her dogs are with someone they know and trust and who will love and cherish them. I feel that if the pair appear settled with you ( and they have been with you before) then the best thing to do is to let things be. agree with what Powerlegs has written.
  5. T..thinking of you and dear Trouble.. the mere thought of combining a lab and a diet sends shudder through me. Until Lady Lola Piglet arrived ( a curly coated retriever) I had completely forgotten the incomparable food drive that exists withing the retrievers!!!! Lady L is now 12yo ( came via rescue ..her family had major health challenges ) yet still manages to gracefully counter surf with complete silence.... love to you both
  6. hope all goes well for you and you pup! I am another who recommends asking your vet. Make a list of the questions you have and go through them..... and keep asking until you have an answer that you understand. It is your right to have full understandable explanations of what the results are. Adding my late great and beautiful Lucinda was dxd with MCT aged 5. The grade 3, no clean margins and she had an awful reaction to the surgery. In fact I was advised by the oncologist to take her home for a few days to say goodbye. However Lucinda had a different plane and with the help of our local vet and an amazing holistic vet Lucinda lived a full and contented life as a working livestock guardian and boss lady of the pack. She passed away 6 years later. So no matter how bleak things seem ... it is not always so. Keep the faith.
  7. thinking of you both. So pleased that trouble is continuing on with her usual Trouble loves.... it is we humans who do the hard yards now because we know of the future.. dogs, bless their doggy hearts and souls have that blessed gift of living in the NOW !!!!
  8. The loss of a much loved companion is life changing - remember that Mavericks lasting legacy is the family who walked his life path with him. You are all who you are now becaue of that journey. Peace.
  9. I have two self warming dog beds. The first was for the Divine Miss Sophie in her dotage. She was a very big dog and until the pet bed arrived she would always stretch out to snooze..but with the per bed she would curl up and snore loudly all night and as the years went by much of the day as well. Dennys Dog inherited this bed and loved it as well as his Snooza Cuddler ( always popular with my oldies I think because their can have their backs up against the sides . I bought a Snooza Big Dog Bed for Honey Too. I am reluctant to use a heated bed for a dog that has mobility problems for the same reason that such products are not recommended for people who have mobility problems.
  10. yes...my dear Casper passed in his sleep..found him looking like he was asleep, his head resting on his paws and his favourite ewe standing guard beside him.
  11. NEVER FORGET CLIFFORD.... cynically used by the RSPCA http://archive.savingpets.com.au/2014/03/clifford-ten-years-on/
  12. thinking of you and little Claudia today. As twodoggies said it is not the quantity of the time spent together but the quality of the bond that makes such time so very painful. Playing god never sits easily on our spirits. Granting Claudia a gentle leaving is a great gift that you are making out of love.. Claudia will always be part of you because of the path you trod together ... love and blessings H
  13. oooh isnt she just oh so precious!!! Hope you both have many many happy times together. My dear Dennys Dog was quite old when he passed ( a Maremma aged 16 ) and in the last few years of his life we had quite a few serious scares... but he always rallied and I was beginning to think that finally I had my immortal dog. I made a list of the things he enjoyed..and when they no longer peeked his interest I knew that the end was coming... love to you both.
  14. so glad that you are so observant.. I hear you about the vet thinking you are crazy.. i had a dog who was hypothyroid.. he was a gigantic walking list of symptoms. and his previous vet had been treating an eye problem with pred which was making everything worse. once i lured vet out to take bloods for testing and the lad was started on meds all returned to almost normal. Hope all goes spectacularly well with your boy.
  15. I would say that almost goes without saying. It is interesting to note that for example that within the working breeds some such as the border collie..look to the owner for directions whereas the guardian breed raised to make independent decisions regarding the safety of the flock and shepherd while the shepherd was asleep is frequently viewed as more ignorant. In the early days those unsuitable for the job were either abandoned or killed.
  16. Ok I am jumping in here ... has you little one had a full thyroid panel done? ( anxiety, agression, cold etc can all symptoms of thyroid problems as can other symptoms. ) Have you perhaps considered adding an adaptyl diffuser to her crate area? may help to take the edge off her anxiety. I recall attending a lecture by Cam Day.. and one of his comments that stuck in my mind was how a dog that is suffering anxiety is unable to learn new behaviours and that this is the time for judicious use of medication. My heart aches for you all.. hugs
  17. this trend of industrial production of animals brings no good to the animals, the industrial production of pets brings no good to animals nor to owners.. but works well to line the pockets of the business owner.
  18. my humph was aimed at the vet mostly. A few years ago a dog that I had rehomed exhibited a change in behaviours.. he became snappy and gumpy. The vet advised the owners to put the dog to sleep.. they called me in great distress and I asked if they would demand a full thyroid blood panel before making that final decision. They had to insist with the vet who kept saying there would be no problem with the dogs thyroid.. but the tests came back with very low results. Luckily the dog responded quickly and well to thyroxine and returned to his usual stable and happy self.
  19. humph.. possibly thyroid disease.simple blood test and if hypothyroid simple meds... really really sad for the dog...
  20. my sister thinks I am mad.. but that is just because we are total opposites.. my dog friends are delighted thank heavens. I know sometimes the time we have left to spend together is short but it is always pure gold.. they make me go all soft when their trusting gaze falls on me ...... and that first time when you know that at last they know that they are home with their people. Ah I could go on and on. But I reckon that we get the best part of them .....................
  21. listened to this while I was wending my way up Mt Glorious to meet and greet Lady Lola..... fascinating and wonderful.
  22. devotion.... love this. It is amazing what you can do when you really really need to.
  23. Have I told you lately that I love you???? stevo and I do similar.. give a home to dogs over 10oyo. we figure we are old pokes as why not give canine old pokes a good loving home :). and as we have separate homes we can do twice the number. legally two each
  24. me as well. My very first Maremma in need that I took in had disappeared into that part of himself that no one would be able to hurt. A friend who was very dog knowledgeable said with tears inhis eyes that he doubted that Casper would come back. But he did ... but only when I gave him 6 wethers to guard.... ... then for Casper life was enriched.
  25. yep this iswhat Snotto's specialist put her one initially ..then said the pharmacy bought Milk Thistle would be good to use..
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