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Farewell My Darling Sally

Her Majesty Dogmad

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I saw you in Wyong Pound nr Christmas in 2007, most likely a cattle/beagle cross, I loved your smiling face. You were a little chubby with wonky front legs and a lump on the back one but I didn't care, I thought you were spectacular. You sat, stayed, came when called and were a consummate ball player but best of all you returned it and "dropped" on command, right at my feet. I was captivated. Although I'd gone to collect you for another rescue group, when that fell through I decided to rehome you myself.

I had nothing but enquiries from people with no fencing and wasn't going to let you go to anything but the most wonderful home.

I'd had you about 6 months when you had a total collapse, none of the tests or xrays showed anything except an elevated liver reading which the vet said you could live with. The lump on your back leg had been tested before and again, it turned out to be just a lypoma. Many people said put you to sleep - I had to pick you up (20 kilos or so), about 5 or more times a day and hold you up while you toileted. My vet put you on a radical diet and with chiropractic and acupuncture treatment every week for a few months, you got up and eventually came good. I couldn't rehome you after that because noone knew the cause of the collapse.

You've been in great health for the last 2 years until the last few weeks. You were doing some odd things but last week you became very sick. It was diagnosed as liver failure. You lost interest in everything except your ball and you still got a spark when you saw it. You got snappy with my other dogs and so I had to keep you separate when I was out, you didn't understand, you didn't know what you had done and it was cold for your arthritic old legs.

And so today we said our last goodbye. I love you Sally and will always miss you, you were the best dog.


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Dogmad I am so sorry for your loss of Sally, but remember she had a great last few years and I bet they were the best of her life, people like yourself that take on the wonky wobbly old fatties that nobody wants, are granted so much love from them others that overlook them really miss out BIG TIME because they never share that rare love that they so freely give.

Hugs to you and run free all day and every day Sally at that great big bridge in the dog Sky xoxoxox

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My heart breaks for you and your beloved Sally.

I am sure my Oscar will welcome her at the bridge. :rofl:

RIP gorgeous girl. :laugh: You will be missed.

Dogmad you do such wonderful things in rescue..and its sad you have to experience this....but know Sally loved you and will be waiting one day at Rainbow Bridge.......it doesnt get easier does it..?

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My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.Always remember it quality of life not quantity and the time Sally was with you, she only had the best and a 2nd chance.You are a true legend for your love, care and total devotion to the older dogs.God bless..

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