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$432 Fine For Starving Dog

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THE RSPCA is outraged that a Tasmanian man who starved a dog to death received just a $432 fine.

After a tip-off RSPCA inspectors found the elderly border collie named Wags at a Carlton home in such an emaciated state he was unable to bear his light weight.

RSPCA chief inspector Paul McGinty said Wags's spine, ribs and pelvis were protruding, he was dehydrated, his eyes were sunken and oozing and his kidneys were failing.

Wags was lying in dirt and scrape marks indicated he had been trying to get to his feet.

A veterinary examination found Wags near death and suffering and he was put down.

Owner Peter Alexander Thomas, 49, was charged with causing the death of an animal. He was found guilty in the Hobart Magistrates Court last week.

Thomas was fined $432 and ordered to reimburse veterinary costs of $197.

RSPCA acting chief executive officer Michael Linke said the penalty was grossly inadequate for the crime.

He said the RSPCA was appalled that such a blatant act of cruelty was treated so lightly. "Until the court system gets tough the RSPCA will continue to see neglect of this nature," he said.

The decision follows a former Woolnorth farmer being fined $2500 after cutting 20 cows' tails off with an angle grinder and a knife.

Alistair Paul Nichols, who now lives in Western Australia, pleaded guilty on Monday.

RIP Wags :):love:

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I am sickened to the core reading this. 11 years of age & it was just too much trouble for the moron to feed him & give him a bloody drink. Give him some help to get up & stretch him poor old legs.Don't know how this so called 'man' can sleep at night. What a waste of oxygen. Totally agree with you Dogmad. SCUM.!!!!

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RIP Wags - all I can hope is that the people who released you did you the biggest favour, what a blessed relief that must of been for the poor old bugger. I hope they gave him some love before he went as well, just so he has some fond memories and a reminder that we aren't all so bad.

I can't fathom it. I don't understand how someone can watch a dog slowly dying day after day, and not have it tug at their heartstrings in the least, or feel some kind of pity or shame or sympathy... or something.

Wags' life was no doubt, worth a lot more than the punishment. He certainly deserved better, even after his death.

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Sometimes I wish that we could put PEOPLE down, legally of course. I honestly believe that 99.9% of dogs' lives are worth more than some of the human beings' on this earth are. Seriously.

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