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Dressed Up Dogs: Is This Abuse?


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Guest donatella

On a Pom group on FB one member posted on the wall "why do some of you dress your Poms up, dogs didn't dress up in the wild".

I personally don't dress mine up as she would hate it, the best I can do is get her to sit to be brushed! However, some dogs revel in the extra attention. It would be cruel if you dressed them up and they were cowering and shaking and clearly scared. Most people who dress their dogs up do so for photos then remove the outfit or put clothes on for warmth in which case the dog actually benefits and there is no cruelty in this.

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Some look very cute:)

I felt for Lab in Moscow, too :(

I dont do that stuff, but my Stella LOVES to wear Elizabethan collar. It makes her feel special.

(abuse is breeding poor chis with eyes falling out of eye sockets...)

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I will put reindeer antlers on mine for Christmas pics but that's as far as it goes. Full on costumes??? I don't get it.

Its not abuse but it's pretty stupid.

Yep, I got antlers for a pic for Christmas for mine. Our families are overseas so it was was a cute festive pic to send them. The dogs loved it as they got paid in liver ; P

I have a raincoat for my tibbie X (non fleecy, just rain proof), otherwise he gets soaked and takes a long time to dry. My JRT X gets very cold, especially when we go camping, so I bought her a Polartex fleece which she loves. She also have a fleecy raincoat and won't go outside without it when it's raining. Both have no problems at all wearing them, they are fitted well and the dogs were introduced to them with treats.

I don't care what people think, I'll do what is best for my dogs.

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I have an sbt who loves dressing up - the only dog I've ever owned who has shown any interest in this kind of thing. It started with my old sbt who needed to wear fleecies in winter due to a thinner coat. The younger girl wanted one too - scratching at the coats and nudging them. At xmas I put ribbons around their necks and draped something festive on the younger girl. She wanted more so she got her first Christmas Fairy Frock and it all went from there! She gets this look of total contentment when she is wearing something whether it be for warmth in winter or silliness at anytime of the year. Her helicopter tail starts the minute the dress goes on. She doesn't like anything on her head though. I'll admit she looks like a trucker in drag in her frocks but I certainly wouldn't make her wear anything she wasn't happy with (last year's xmas dress had the thumbs down so came off) and dress ups would not have happened without interest from her in the first place. I was at the Ekka on Thursday and had to stop myself from buying a kids bumble bee dress that would've looked spectacular on her. I have an amazing Christmas tree dress for her this festive season that I know she is going to look great in!

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Oh please. This topic comes up every now and then and it is often hotly debated. As long as the dog is comfortable enough, there are worse things to worry about than shoving a dress on a dog.

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