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These are my kids.. miss them all so much, even after 20 years since we lost the first :(

Suzie the Boxer, myself and my brother.

Suzie and my brother have both left us now. (My other brother wasnt in the photo because a bird crapped on his head just before we took it and he went inside upset :laugh: ) Mum and dad got Suzie when the boys were about 2 years old... twin boys and a boxer... i will leave it to you guys to work out how untrained she was :laugh:


We then got Major who went missing, came home one day and he was gone, other dog still in the yard, we never found out what happened :(


Then Zeus (same time as Major) who started my love with the bull breeds. He was PTS when he was 14


Just after we lost Major and before we lost Zeus we got Duke - Dads British Bulldog, I got a call one morning saying he was in the back yard dead, He had heart issues. He was 8 years old and 2 weeks


And lastly is my man, my first ever dog of my own. Who sent me crazy and had me in tears most obedience lessons because he just wouldnt do anything. He ate everything he could and God i miss him so much :cry:

Atlas, who i lost on the 31st July this year, he died in my arms while trying to open the vets doors due to an Auto immune issue. He was 3 weeks to the day off his 9th birthday. I still walk into the back yard expecting to see him and still yell out his name when one of the other pets are doing something wrong (poor boy, he was always in trouble)


RIP my dogs, I hope you are all up there with each other having a ball. We will meet again :rainbowbridge:

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I added the words as when I heard them it described my little Scrubby Dog who I miss every single day.

I've always thought the same thing when I see that quote - author was Edith Wharton.

Below is my girl, The Divine Miss Em (Emily to her friends) a Cattledog/Kelpie cross who simply got too tired to go on about 2 months ago - at the age of 16 1/2 years old. Photo taken with my pup just a few days before the old girl went to doggy heaven....


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My brother with Caesar. He was hit by a car and killed 29/7/1961


IMG_8314dppt by kirislin, on Flickr

My beloved Kiri, the view I would see when I woke up in the morning :laugh:


IMG_8290dppt by kirislin, on Flickr


IMG_8286dppt by kirislin, on Flickr

with her best buddy Iris, on the left. They used to snuggle like this all the time.


IMG_8287dppt by kirislin, on Flickr

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My old boy Chuck. Given his wings in Nov 2009 at age 16. He was my shadow, my heart dog. When I walked out of the vets I hung his collar on my rearveiw mirror and thats where it stays. We travelled many roads together and he is still riding shotgun every mile I drive.


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Belle (B&W) and Chip (Tan). Chi x brother and sister who we had for 17 years. Both were PTS within a few months of each other due to old age this year. RIP munchkins, I love you.

I don't have any pics on this computer of our first dog, Max (Boxer) I will post some up when I get home.



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Soooooo many beautiful photos of absolutely gorgeous dogs !

This is a really terrific thread and so full of beautiful memories !!!!!!

Well done to the OP - 'persephone' !thumbsup1.gif

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