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  1. If you go by yourself its ok i guess, but add on another adult and a child and I find it expensive for the size of it. We are generally done in a 2 - 3 hours.
  2. We live 10 mins from there, but rarely go, only if we get coupons or something. I find it too expensive.
  3. Our computers backup offsite too, incase the place burns down or anything like that. All my uni work etc and then all my photos backs up once a week I think it is? Hubby set it all up and had a massive whinge because of all the photos we had, the initial backup took ages :laugh:
  4. I love that TLC - one happy dog and nice blue sky! I really need to make more time to get out with my camera - I miss it.
  5. That sky is amazing!! Huga - I love love love Day 72!
  6. Me either. The thought that someone would save a dog over a child makes me feel physically sick.
  7. Happy Birthday Riley - you would have been 12 today And i still have his biscuits in the cupboard...6 months later and i still can't move them.
  8. I like it without the tail - otherwise my eyes seem to go straight to the tail.
  9. Riley Week 52/52 - Riley by shellandriley, on Flickr
  10. Riley was always car sick, even at 11 years old. We used to get maxalon tablets from the vet - they worked really well, and he even went on holiday with us (8 hour car trip)
  11. I can't believe its almost been 2 months. I still have your dog biscuits and treats in the cupboard Riley. I can't move them.
  12. You should see the looks I get when I post those things :laugh:
  13. I think they have cracked down on this. Pretty dodgy.
  14. The second one got me. I was looking at it for ages. I really like it
  15. Ive found half the sales people you come across say complete and utter rubbish. When my hubby bought me the 7D the guy told him how it would be a great entry level camera etc. Yeah right hubby rarely gets a decent shot out of it on auto, and I used the 350D for 5 years and it still took me a good few months to get my head around the 7D :laugh:
  16. Apparantly they changed the size of the hole in the isqueaks for safety purposes. They didn't answer my question about the squeaks though
  17. Oh no Im so sorry. Whats going on, it seems too many of our 52 weeks for dogs, dogs from last year are leaving us. Riley, Marlo and Cowboy. I guess it makes it even more special that we did it.
  18. The day I dreaded came. I lost my best friend. Riley you were everything to me and we are going to be very lost without you. I wish so badly that you were still here. You were always here when I needed you, but when I need you most you're gone. I love you so much Riles.
  19. Just to add even more confusion to the matter. I have 3 medium isqueak balls here, all with the house shaped label. One is definately stronger than the other two, its alot harder to squeeze. All three make the same high pitch squeak. And going on whats been said here, all three "should" be the older ones. I think its a bit of pot luck with this balls. The variation seems quite large.
  20. I've got isqueak bones here ( some with the house shaped tag and some with the round tag) and both have what I call a squeak sound. The bowling pins are what Id call a quack sound. How confusing!
  21. I might join in towards the second half of the month, or next month (after this baby comes out and we get settled) Be nice to make myself photograph something other than Riley for a little while
  22. Last week So happy I managed to make it through. Week 52/52 - Riley by shellandriley, on Flickr
  23. I've still got 1 photo to go for week 52. I have to say Im glad its finally over
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