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  1. I've not read the rest of the thread, just wanted to comment that I visited Sydney last week and did a lot of walking (we stayed in Paddington) and I was shocked with the number of poodle mixes I saw! So crazy! 90% of the dogs I saw were poodle mixes of some kind. I've not really had a lot to do with oodles, I know a couple of spaniel/poodle mixes, they're a bit dopey and one is very dog aggressive... and we used to see a gigantic lab/poodle cross at work who was getting chemo at age 2 - he was a LOVELY natured dog, but he shed soooooooo much - we'd all joke about the expensive non-shedding dog after working with him and being covered in blonde pubes :laugh:
  2. I've got a friend with a Rottie x Malamute, he is a very handsome boofer! Medium length coat and has these funny white guard hairs, but is still black & tan
  3. Thanks all The one in the tree wasn't too keen to introduce himself :confused: so not too sure! And yes, Ping is 3.9kg of muscle and not a lot else haha
  4. Some new photos of my two! Some pics from walks, and a couple from agility shows.
  5. Warning this is an upsetting article, but I thought it was better shared here than in the abuse news as no one will see it there RSPCA Victoria is appealing for the public’s help to identify the person or people responsible for harming an eight-week-old puppy left for dead in an Altona Meadows park. The tri-colour kelpie cross was found by a passer-by around 7pm on Wednesday (November 9) in Truganina Park and taken to the Animal Accident and Emergency (AAE) in Point Cook. RSPCA Victoria Senior Inspector Daniel Bode said the AAE veterinarian team did all they could to save the puppy overnight before making the difficult decision to humanely euthanise her on Thursday morning. There is a photo of the puppy in the link, if anyone recognizes her or knows where her littermates are RSPCA - 11 November 2016
  6. Everyone I've asked among my dog sport friends recommend the north shore dog training club's puppy pre school Puppy Pre-School at NSDTC
  7. Big concrete trough like they use for stock?
  8. Oh that's a shame! I know a few of them here (the country's entire population of beezers live quite near by!) and they aren't skittish. Aloof yes, but not worried about stuff and their owners take them off lead and do stuff with them like normal dogs :D Just so beautiful!!
  9. I thought this was a good read on the topic Dog breed genetic tests put to the test: Science is solid but results aren’t precise I've seen a few come back with having high % of a rare (in NZ) breed in what looks like a bully breed mix dog, like Italian greyhound, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Chesapeake Bay Retriever for example
  10. An additional Xray for $800??? Sure it's not $80?
  11. OMMGGGG that is one CUTE puppy!!!! Like baby Elsie!!! :love: new fav DOL dog! :D
  12. Small malinois bitch for agility Black & white whippet A really crazy smooth jack russell Podengo medio smooth Black smooth saluki Azawakh Seal & white italian greyhound
  13. I work in a vet clinic so order it through work, I think it comes from ProVet. I have a few clients that order it from here My link
  14. We've been using it for a few years and I really like it, it's pretty popular with dog agility people in NZ :)
  15. "What breed is she?" "He's a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno" "A what?" "It's like an Ibizan hound" "A what?" "Or a Pharaoh hound" "Huh?" "It's a small rabbit hunting hound from Portugal" I don't know why I assume that everyone knows what Ibizans and Pharaohs are when they can't even recognise breeds like GSD, Labs, Goldies and Greyhound accurately :laugh: If people try guessing the breed we usually get some mixture of Chihuahua and Jack Russell as guesses. The closest guess I had was Basenji :) Even a lot of people at dog shows have never heard of his breed, or know that it was recognized here. I had someone say they had a hard time believing this was even considered a breed when it comes in so many coat types and sizes!
  16. Spectrum allergy testing, when you know what the dog is allergic to you may be able to do desensitization injections, or avoid the stuff that your dog is allergic to. Apoquel is an anti itch med that I have seen a lot of good results from, might be something to talk to your vet about?
  17. Looks like some of the pigging mixes I see around... Heeler... Whippet... Foxy... Heading Dog... Pittie.... An infusion of the above!
  18. Working and competing with dogs for the last 10 years means I have heard loads of great names, but one that really stuck out for me was a dog I saw for the first time at a conformation show.... A tall, solid black male great dane named Adamus I have a list of dog names, but I don't like to share :p
  19. When Ping is running in the forest our big dogs sometimes think he is a hare from far away and run towards him, until they realize he is running at them and they stop. Some of the big coursing hounds watch him very hungrily at lure coursing... They are kept behind a big fence and safely on lead... At 4kg it wouldn't take much for a big dog to kill him
  20. We try to do a short walk in the morning on lead, they have half an hour, if they wanna go fast we go fast and if they wanna dawdle we do that! Our other walk during the day is usually 1 or 2 hours of off lead running, and they do RUN for 90% of it (other 10% is pissing and sniffing!). On the second walk we hunt stuff. We have done walks in the height of summer when it's over 30 degrees, but we tend to do a shorter loop then and spend ages playing at the ponds that are scattered around the walk.
  21. I would try contacting Jaime, she is a member on the forum here too, and occasionally visits WA to do consults - Primal Paws
  22. This was us too, Ping is quite prey driven but we allow him the opportunity to practice a lot of hunting! I find he is a very sensitive little soul though, very sensitive to any sort of spatial or social pressure which is soooo different to Elsie - I don't mind it and we're not a yelling and bustling sort of household but he absolutely melts if he hears people being grumpy at dog training
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