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Not Dogs, but Falcons

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https://www.367collinsfalcons.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR1i_B7eNQwP8RM-Qn9HTszgmMwpsfkvH01TKAcF9qtqCQpRFLxbeU6welI   24/7 live feed of Falcons and their nest. 3 chicks have hatched

Soggy babies!

It was lovely .. she had a smaller bird  for breakfast, then had a few practices .. a hop up onto a small ledge above the nest .. then closer to the camera after a big lot of flapping .. and a lovely

Posted Images

She sure is Rozzzie. I checked this morning while mumma is still sleeping, there seems to be a un-hatched egg.

And a little later when she has left to find breakfast there seems to be three little chicks...two heads and one hatched later and you can only see its bum-hole right at the front of the 3rd screen-shot


5d98f318185be_Screenshotfrom2019-10-0605-15-46.thumb.png.89f2b706dcca6e7f17fbd6f92626bbca.png  5d98f335cd35d_Screenshotfrom2019-10-0605-42-35.thumb.png.4d5828b08b9fe9689ab622873af0dd06.png



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It's just beautiful to watch isn't it .. and a little bit addictive..

Along similar lines .. nature red in tooth and claw …. my neighbour was telling me that a blackbird crashed into one of her windows this morning and killed itself .. but one of our resident grey butcher birds was very quickly on the scene to get the fresh takeaway.  (Possible that the butcher bird had actually arranged dhte accident .. although it might have just been accident.

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I find myself dropping in to watch this every now and then.   Quite addictive.   The three chicks are really growing now.  Dad has just been into feed them, and himself .. looked like a juvenile gull., maybe.  He's taken the rest of the carcass off with him, and the chicks are sitting there with their crops almost bursting.  Food coma soon, I think.:heart:

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