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My new puppy is almost here

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I’m just filling in time waiting and thought I’d let everyone know that Chase has been in transit all day and expected to arrive at my house in the next 20 minutes or so.

Im so excited. I imagine he will be hungry since he had no breakfast this morning but so have no idea what to expect. It must have been quite a traumatic day.

here is a photo of him from yesterday before he left the breeder



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I’m sorry everyone!

he got here and he was like an instant alligator. Apparently he slept almost the whole

journey and he was full of life! Very hard to get a decent photo but here are some.




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He is gorgeous but very nippy. We have been working on the and just started charging the clicker this morning with his breakfast. Clicking and treating for biting a toy instead of us and any behaviour really that meant he wasn’t biting us. He tore my shorts within a short time he was just manic.

today he has regular plays and is currently passed out.

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1 minute ago, Loving my Oldies said:

:heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:

That last pic :love:  :love:  Does he feel at home, loved and safe already !!

He instantly was very confident and comfortable with us but not really engaged, if that makes sense? Wouldn’t look at my face at all, just my feet, even when I got right down. Now he’s looking for me to check I’m nearby now and then. 
first time I’ve ever bought a puppy home who didn’t have Diarrhea right away! Looking good!

vet visit tomorrow just for a health check.

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He went terrifically at the vet, very healthy and 6.1 kg. He will get his next vaccine next Friday, Scout is coming in for a check at the same time. Scout has an auto immune issue which requires sporadic use of steroids, so just following up with her in her last flare up.

so nice to have a healthy pup who has t even tried to eat a rock.

we have made great progress on capturing calm and on crate training. Last night he went to bed with no complaint at 8:30 and slept all the way to 5am, did a wee and went back to sleep for an hour and a half with minimal complaint.

trying to clicker training this time and need to find a minute to learn more about it. He recognises the click as a marker now and knows he gets a treat. So far he knows “look” where he meets my eye and I click and treat.

here is is yesterday looking super cute.




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