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I’m hoping someone can clarify something for me. We are looking at buying a puppy and the breeders have a clause (attached below) in their contract. Is that normal that the puppy remains registered to the breeder? I would have assumed that because we’re buying the dog and hence own it that it would be registered to us. 

Thank you in advance! 

“I understand that if I purchase a ******, no dog or bitch shall be used for breeding purposes, unless it is used by ******, and that any and all registration papers will remain in the name of (The Breeder).  I agree to sign a non-breeding agreement at the time of purchase and the expectation is that the dog will be sterilised.  A three generation pedigree, plus other material (including food, toys and a puppy pack) will be provided at the time of purchase to assist you in raising the puppy.


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A lot of breeders have something similar to this. i.e. no breeding and papers signed over after desexing certificate sighted. But I would want clarification on the bit that says "unless it is used by XXXXXX" which I assume is the breeder. Usually, if the dog is used for breeding, commonly called breeders terms, they do so at the breeders house. So a bitch might be away for some weeks. You would also want it in writing how many litters, who covers all the costs, what happens if the bitch dies etc.


According to the ANKC papers should be handed over as soon as possible after puppy has been paid for but if you sign such a contract then you are agreeing to the breeders terms. I'd be asking more questions and if you are not happy then walk away.

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IMO it's an evil trend.  Breeders want monopoly and are closing the field to newcomers.  One reason that puppy prices have risen.  If you have no interest in having puppies it's not a big problem.  I would ask them to sign a contract with you saying that they relinquish all claims to ownership and simply cross out the bit saying that they hold the papers. 

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I abhor this trend of take,take take - not that helps TheSharps any.  I was always taught that one of the principles of dog breeding was to give back to the breed and expand the gene pool not keep it all for yourself.

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when I was young it was called the dog in the manger mentality.


it doesnt want to eat the hay but no one else can have it or use it.


Your words "evil"  is spot on Sandgrubber but the thought police have sanitised it by conversion to "ethical, responsible..


I am so over what has happened


The ankc's are being destroyed from within


Along with of course the gene pool new members are supposed to be working to not only preserve but pass on to the future.


Well that was what the ankc's were meant to be doing, maintain stud book and encourage new members.


Now of course anyone who wants to apply for a prefix is viewed with suspicion as a potential puppy farmer eager to destroy the show worlds exclusive reputation.


about as welcoming as a block of ice as I and so many have learned the hard way.


Attract the attention of the self appointed thought police will end in heartache and humiliation.  


Even the board members are busy writing codes of ethic's on the assumption todays members cannot be trusted for care for their pets properly or can be trusted to even tell the truth about the parentage of the puppies they breed?  Even if they only own one male anyway.


we now live in a world of guilty until proven innocent at your expense.


I do not like this new world at all.


murderers and pedophiles have more rights to innocent.

until proven guilty.

Even then innocent after parole too?


You give up a lot if you choose to have a pet today.

You are open to accusations of being an abuser.


You become a potential disgusting puppy farmer if you apply to become an ankc member and have the hide to want to apply for a prefix.


So you give up even more freedom if your membership is approved and have a prefix. the spotlight is firmly on and you are  subject to to raids without warning as the thought police get busy dialing in hopes charges will follow.

But the pressure gets rid of many anyway thanks to the shame and humiliation of neighbours and friends raised like us all that where the rspca turns up, where their's smoke there's fire.


mean while the thought police who think their dedication to breeding and showing to Ch on the front of their darlings names were busy creating the wonderful health wreaks featured on Pedigree Dogs Exposed?  


So blind to the mess they were making so busy improving on features that became so exaggerated the AR rights nutters have had a field day.


I am only repeating the history as its happened.


Sadly I have no idea if the self destruction can be turned around.


My Vet and many of my vet friends do not see it can happen.  


Only time will tell the end of this story





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