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Unacceptable behaviour


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Ok, so on Sunday our Shitz/toy poodle lashed out at our toy poodle, and took the front part of her eye off. Mad dash to the vet, and our poor little darling had to have her eye removed. My question here is...Do we have our xbreed destroyed (shes 9 and a little darling too), give her away to be in a household that she can be the only dog (we have 3) or try to find a daily calmative solution. I bought a muzzle yesterday for her, which she just swipes off, and doesnt keep it on. From my point of view , not a nice way to live, but she is intimidating the two smaller girls(both toy poodles) which is no good for them to live with. If some one could give me a positive review on a daily calmative, that will mellow her, Id appreciate it. I have apprehensions of giving her away, for a lot of worrying reasons, and also I feel it a total betrayal to her, but still trying to protect the other two girls. Very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

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Separate the shitz/toy from the other 2 dogs.  See a behaviourist as Rebanne suggests.  See a Vet about possible medication.


What was the fight about?  Was it about food or toys?  Is this the first time she has done this?  Get a Vet to check her over to see if she is in any pain or unwell.

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How old are the other 2 dogs.

Whats is the 3 dogs daily enrichment .

Does the 9 yr old have health issues such as arthritis,vision loss,hearing loss.

Who was there first .

Are they sterililized .

Bitches can be cows together.

Just because this dog lashed out doesn’t mean it’s the troublemaker so what is the actual pack dynamics 


But the easy solution is management .




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3 hours ago, jujujulie58 said:

I bought a muzzle yesterday for her, which she just swipes off, and doesnt keep it on.

Muzzles need to be the right size/shape for the dog breed, and the dog also needs  TRAINING  so they can be worn correctly. They are not something you just throw on and leave on .  

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Honestly , there dogs , and has much has we all love our dogs , its worth bearing in mind that they are dogs ,,, This one has bit the other so badly its lost an eye , now you can give it all the medication you want , you can see all the  dog behavourists you want , but the facts are your never ever going to be able to leave them all alone  and not be suprised if   it happens again and  he loses the other eye , then after that an ear  , ,,, My son   had  a little shitzu cross that used to attack  the other little dog he had , , so he gave it away to his brother ,

 its now perfect  a beutiful little dog , but  first it had to learn its place  in its new home ,   his brother has a blue heeler ,  and the shitzu went for that has well , virtually the first day it arrived , the heeler put it in its place  , and every now and then when he feels brave , the heeler puts it in its place ,   you just have to remember its a dog not a human , and they need to know there place , its just   showing who's leader of the pack and it  will carry on doing so ,


If a dog attacks other dogs or people  give them to someone who can control them or change its enviroment ,,,  , like i said we all love our dogs but some people think there people not animals ,  and a daily doze of prozac will fix things , , having a dog which you can't trust with the other dogs or people , i'm afraid just is'nt fun , or worth it , there would be lots of homes out there where he wil be took care off has a  one dog  familly member , or like in my sons case with another dog  he cannot boss or hurt .

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as coneye said.  if a dog decides to attack it has absolutely no idea there are rules the humans expect it to go by.


all the crap you hear, only people are cruel, only people kill for no reason. only people, bla, bla, bla.


well sunshine


A dog will do as it pleases when it pleases.

unless its been trained not do and even then, if the human isn't there to intervene when a spat happens, shit happens.  Some come how to find one of their dogs are dead and the reminder happy wagging tails at the gate and no one is going to tell you what happened.


my friend woke up to find her sons kelpie dead beside her bed.


her Labrador asleep beside her.


he had kill ed the 13 month old kelpie while she slept .


her lab was 14 and for over a week he kept searching for the kelpie, which distressed her no end.


just to make it even more distressing, then then went downhill fast and had to be put down due to his age issues so no dog household.


when my daughter was young our two dogs suddenly decided they hated each other.   we had a choice. put one down, rehome, (forget retrain, they wanted to kill each other, no idea why, neither would explain)


the solution was two separate yards and only have one with us at any given time. Kept separate no more fights to deal with and run up massive vet bills.


although after a year or so a friend asked could she have Jody to take to rides for company and she became her's.  She lived to 17 but she would not tolerate other dogs if they came too close at a ride and made it clear her camp was off limits to any canine visitors . humans too if my friend wasn't there too

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