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Trigger Warning - Abuse - & Gumtree Warning

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It was heard that Britton used marketplace website Gumtree to source new dogs, often building a rapport with the owners who were reluctantly giving their pets away due to travel or work commitments.

Mr Aust said a number of the dog owners had reached out to Britton for updates on their pets' transition. 

Apart from the gruesome content, this excerpt also stood out for me given the warnings of dog fighting rings, the way this predator 'groomed' owners into handing over their dogs with trust should also be a warning.     

Link for anyone with a strong stomach. Please be careful:pray: It's not for general curiosity. 


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It's stories like this that make one ashamed to be of the same species as the monsters who perpetrate these kinds of acts.


I think the punishment should fit the crime when it comes to this sort of monster... grrr! And the bastard isn't even one iota remorseful for what he's done...



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the more I understand about humans, the more I love my dog (all dogs, big, small, purebred, mongrels, smelly, clean, hyper, chilled, focused, scattered, calm, anxious; yep, all dogs). Just so much better behaved than a lot of humans. I guess I'm just a misanthrope, but I'd much prefer to spend quality time with a dog. Dogs have no shit, no agenda, just want a fun time. And they trust us....

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