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Chase is regurgitating

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I have a question. I had 3 year old Chase desexed last Monday. For the first 2 days after the surgery he was fine. A bit groggy but eating and drinking well. I have had him crated at all times with his cone on, unless he has been on lead for toileting and little leg stretch walks to the mailbox (we have a very long driveway). On the third day he stopped drinking water entirely, was clearly nauseous and vomited once. I took him back to the vet on the 4th day because he still refused water, if I tricked him with some watered down chicken stock, he would burp and it would all come back up.

the vet checked him out, gave him an anti nausea injection and got me to switch to chicken and rice (I made this super watery to ensure he was getting some liquid). Finally yesterday (day 8) he started drinking water again but most times after he drinks he regurgitates it back up, it’s not like he’s vomiting, there’s no retching, it just comes up with a burp or not even a burp.

otherwise he seems fine, driving me crazy and wanting to run and jump and enjoy life.

i have a big operation myself tomorrow and I can’t get him back to the vet (hubby is taking him Thursday morning for his stitches to come out).

im just not sure what could be causing this. The vet thought he could’ve picked up a stomach bug at the vet, they’ve had some gastro type bugs around but his stools are normal and he’s loving his food.

seems almost like something wrong in his throat??? 
any ideas?

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If he had a tummy bug, surely he would be also bringing up food, and his stools would be inconsistent or soft?


It could be an issue with his throat from the breathing tube that was inserted for his surgery, but again, I would think that he would be having issues with food as well as water if that were the case. Not to mention that any irritation from that procedure should be pretty much resolved by now.


The only way to be completely sure as to whether he has a throat issue would be an endoscopy to have a really good look at what might be going on in there.


Alternately, if it seems to be slowly getting better and it's not causing him any distress, just monitor and wait.



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Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply. I had surgery yesterday and have been a bit wiped out.

hubby took him in to the vet today and he has a wound infection. Poor love. They still took the stitches out but he’s on antibiotics now. Fingers crossed that resolves things

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