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  1. Ages ago Wazzat Xolo wrote the pronounciation and from memory it is along the lines of show-low-queent-lee. Thats OK Corrie I am happy with X and people who try, one must be helpful with those that want to learn! I only get a tad upset ( ok really upset!! at mexican Hairless ) thats like calling a German Shep an Alsation!! and you would be surprised about the public, they are keen to learn unlike some fractions of the dog world!! I left a bit out didn't I? Is it show-low-eats-queent-lee? Sorry if I have completely mixed it up.
  2. Ages ago Wazzat Xolo wrote the pronounciation and from memory it is along the lines of show-low-queent-lee.
  3. Staghound ... 44 kgs of sooky gorgeousness. Ah beautiful. Obviously a very special one. I have seen you mention Kieran before so was curious.
  4. Good to hear your dog is Ok, Lilli. Persephone, what breed was kieran?
  5. Agree with this. x3 Even a faulty ballast in the fluoro light fitting can be a problem, we don't hear it but they do. x4 The reminder beeps to change the battery on the fire alarm are another thing. They are so high pitched.
  6. Just repeating lilli's point for those that didn't catch it. Sorry for not quoting (feel free to correct me) but think it was along the lines that the dog she takes would be regarded as dog friendly as she wouldn't take a known DA dog. Also thought I'd mention that just because a dog runs around the park like a raving lunatic, that doesn't mean it would approach another dog.
  7. That was so cute. What a great dog and the interaction between both of them was lovely.
  8. I think it is great to get a balance of different opinions. That is what makes this forum great. I enjoyed reading your posts in this topic Snakecatcher.
  9. Sorry no advice but another congratulations. Not enough posts. ;) Doesn't look like it will take long, though.
  10. And then there are the dogs that always take themseves for a walk. I have ruined a dogs solo walk before and the owner wasn't very happy about it. I am always very diplomatic but I think next time I get one of those type of responses I'll go tropo. Agree with the rest of your post, too.
  11. Thanks guys. It is nice to have a vent where people are likely to understand. I think most dog people tend to pick up strays and some seem to be stray dog magnets which is how I feel sometimes. I am glad you were there to grab the big boofhead, Labrat. Seeing them on the road sure puts the stomache firmly in the throat, hey? Love how the owner blames the dog for their own failings.
  12. Before I go on I will say that I understand unforseen things can happen dogs escape but I am feeling so damn frustrated at what seems to me to be a very frequent occurence due more commonly to a lax attitude than anything else. I picked up another stray tonight that narrowly missed getting hit by traffic as it ran down the middle of the road whilst cars flew along. I was travelling in the opposite direction and had to quickly find a U turn whilst repeating out loud to myself "please don't get hit". I have been in this exact situation twice before in the last eighteen months and both of those times it ended with me picking a dead dog off the road. I know I should be glad this time it ended well and the dog was reunited with the thankful owner but I just feel so peed off that it happens so often and no matter how careless the real reason there is always a good excuse.
  13. Big hugs for you, Tlc. I had similar happen here a few years ago and I know how scary it is. Same senario where I was kicking myself for accidentally bouncing the ball too high. By the time we got to the vet he was fine and have not had any on going problems.
  14. As soon as I saw the title of your post I hoped there was going to be Borzoi puppy photos. :love:
  15. Which rescue org was she dumped outside of?
  16. I don't really know anything but it might help to have a look in the 'Breeds 101' forum. What rescue group is it with?
  17. You're not feeding it enough crap food if it is only pooing three times a day. Poo pick up is your main core stregnth training. The cardio component is not the be all and end all you need to sculpt as well.
  18. I know what you mean there and I know I should use my upbeat "working" voice but faced with a situation like that I always default to the "I mean business" voice. I really should try to teach a reliable recall at a whisper.
  19. It really is pathetic when a person blindly refuses to have the self-honesty required to take responsibility for their own actions and decision making and everything is ALWAYS the fault of someone else or the fault of some "unforseeable" circumstance.
  20. Why should the breeder compromise. She agreed and signed a contract. Under duress ? Then you should have said no to signing and taken the breeder on for the deposit refund. If you didnt think you stood a chance of getting that back I hope the breeder usually sells their dogs for $5000 and you only got it for this price because of what you agreed to and you find yourself with a bill rather than a refund if you dont honour what you agreed to. I didn't say the breeder should compromise, Steve, and I personally don't think they should but I think the breeder deserves the opportunity to know what is going on and make that call for themselves.
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