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  1. Wow. Telida has been balanced in what she has posted and I think some people are being incredibly rude. Fair enough have an opposing opinion. I love pitbulls and think they need advocates who are reasoned in their reponses and have respect for their breed traits not denile. Cute Cav.
  2. Hope your dog is doing OK today. And you...It must have been frightening seeing her getting attacked. I have had occasions with my dogs where I was over confident or not diligent enough. I am very careful these days. You live and you learn.
  3. I wouldn't. I'm no expert but personally I would try to increase her drive for other things and use that. As far as I know using those lights don't actually give drive satisfaction and it can create an obsession with light that can very difficult to break.
  4. I don't know why some people seem to go to the extreem about mutts becoming extinct. People are always going to BYB. It is not going to stop, but making it more socially unacceptable will mean less people doing it. I don't understand what is so doomsday about that. Bad quoting memory here but the saying along the lines of us "being forever responsible for that which we have tamed" seems right to me and killing approx 250,000 unwanted pets per year does not seem like a moral or acceptable "means to an end" in my opinion.
  5. I not really sure but I would imgine it wouldn't be all that different to us humans using sensory gating to filter out background noise, smells or whatever to allow us to still perfom whatever tasks we need to or to be able to follow through with a thought process. ETA....I would think it would be the effect of thorough socialisation or regular exposure.
  6. I never expected to see such a controversial statement on this board. However, you express my views perfectly. And mine. I think it's terrible that so many animals are put to sleep each year but the end justifies the means for me. Dogs will be in a very dire situation the day that we only have the registered breeders producing new dogs, in my mind that is not enough to sustain the species. Nobody here can deny that a lot of breeds are in trouble. Wow. Just wow.
  7. I never expected to see such a controversial statement on this board. However, you express my views perfectly. Yes +1! You have my breed down pat as far as i am concerned :laugh: Apart from a few select breeders who dare to stay true to the standard the only place you find a decent dog these days is "byb". Its funny the range of practices here that are considered byb. So you can health test, be registered with ANKC but if the litter aint reg you are still a byb? :laugh: I would take that any day over all these puppy farms that are being discovered First "byb good for nothing mongrel" shepherd died of old age at 15. Damn her non registered breeders for selling us a healthy and long lived family member :rolleyes: I really don't understand this point of view. The problem is that there are not just "a few" people doing this. It is rife. The fact is BYB will never stop. I don't think anyone disputes that but make it more socially unacceptable and minimise it as much as possible. I only have mutts, probably always will but I sure as hell would not be lining the pockets of a BYB or puppy farm for them and I certainly don't think anyone should be worried about a shortage of BYB mutts anytime soon.
  8. Yeah. Lucky ....cos there sure arn't enough of those cross breed 'nice dogs' getting PTS in our pounds everyday.
  9. I am quite social but don't want strangers rushing up to me and getting in my face when I am trying to have some personal recreation time at the local park. My dog feel the same way.
  10. I originally thought cav, too, and now that you mention it I agree with beagle.
  11. Some time ago I was told by Vet specialist Charles Kuntz this surgery had a high failure rate.
  12. That was the first thing I thought, too.
  13. It is tragic and I really do feel for the owner and the dog but it would have also been tragic if the dog was hit and killed by a car or if the dog had attacked a human. There are unforseen circumstances and dogs escape but sadly when a dog escapes the odds are greatly increased in favour of something bad happening. Megan, to save quoting I'll just say I agree with all your posts.
  14. Blackdogs, which Vic pounds are you refering to in your posts or what area are they in?
  15. Well done. It's seems us dog people are out in force collecting stray animals. I don't find that funny simply because of the danger stray dogs pose to the public and themselves. It scares the crap out of me seeing dogs run along busy roads. I have picked dead dogs off the road that I haven't got to in time. I have handed a dog into the pound that was PTS. Two cyclists were killed last week because a truck swerved to avoid a dog. I know of a person who is a parapledgic from swerving their car to miss a dog. Dogs that attack people or other dogs are often strays. So yes; if people find a stray they shouldn't keep it and should hand it to the pound. And yes; the pounds could probably lift their game with breed id and the like but the buck stops with us. We are the ones that have the capacity to make sure we have adequate fencing and gates that are locked. We are responsible for confirming correct microchip details and getting our dogs micochip scanned at vet visits. If pounds didn't have to deal with animals that stray due to slack containment and only needed to concentrate on the genuine cases then they might have more time to work on the accuracy of their breed identifications.
  16. I agree the dog should be handed in and fact is dogs do escape and get lost from even the most pendantic owners but far too many people just have got a she'll be right attitude and are either too lax with containment or completely underesimate a dogs ability to get over, under or through a fence (or gate). I am so over the amount of animals I find wandering and it makes me angry (maybe unreasonably so) but they should be given the best chance at finding their rightful owners.
  17. I forgot to add in my earlier post that Greyhounds are my preference for best zoomie dog. I challenge the coldest hearted person to watch a greyhound zoomie and not fall in love. :love:
  18. I agree, goldies are usually not that fearful as well so you may want to look into getting help with that. I would think that it would be fairly normal for puppies to be scared by off leash dogs approaching them. My dogs are well socialised, but off leash dogs approaching them still often make them nervous. particularly when being approached by an out of control dog. To the OP....Have a look at the pinned topics in the puppy section. Worthwhile reading on socialisation and fear periods etc.
  19. Zoomies isn't just about running around is it? For a proper 'zoomie' don't they need a slightly crazed look in their eyes and an extra bit of weirdness and fast forwardness to the gallop?
  20. Ages ago Wazzat Xolo wrote the pronounciation and from memory it is along the lines of show-low-queent-lee. Thats OK Corrie I am happy with X and people who try, one must be helpful with those that want to learn! I only get a tad upset ( ok really upset!! at mexican Hairless ) thats like calling a German Shep an Alsation!! and you would be surprised about the public, they are keen to learn unlike some fractions of the dog world!! I left a bit out didn't I? Is it show-low-eats-queent-lee? Sorry if I have completely mixed it up.
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