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  1. That is the stupidest advice I have ever read on this forum. Any normal person would not call that training, they would call it cruelty.
  2. RIP Jazz. Dave, I am so sorry for your loss. The love you have for Jazz has shone through in every post you have written about her.
  3. Love the photos. Your cat is beautiful, CGF and old man Stevie the Grey made my heart melt. He is divine.
  4. I cannot believe you would post a topic about the beautiful Harper and not post a pic of her. Shame, shame, shame.
  5. It might be a little disconcerting but they have raised their puppies from birth and most likely invested a lot of time and money and heart into their dogs. I understand it and I would actually prefer a breeder who would want to know the potential new families of their puppies and the kinds of homes they are going to.
  6. I saw cool mats at Aldi today for $14.99. It made me think of this thread. Apparently it is activated by pressure. I felt one and it did feel quite cool. I know it isn't a coat but thought it might be relevant to the people in this topic.
  7. Very sorry, Persephone. I followed April through your posts and thought she was such a beautiful character. Trot free over the rainbow bridge, little piggy.
  8. It would be difficult watching your pup go through that but I think it is great they are making the best of their situation. Sometimes if you don't laugh, you cry. He looks loved and happy.
  9. They definitely settle but you dog has to be happy to use it while it is new. They are a great bed. Nice and tough but the dog hair does tend to stick to them but it can be vacuumed off. They also have a memory foam one that I am considering. It is called the big dog bed I think. It has a zip off top with the faux lambs wool which would probably make it easier to wash. Eta I just checked the price of the big dog bed and it is very expensive so I will probably stay with the D1000.
  10. I agree though, no matter what you use I doubt it will grow back after so long.
  11. I am so sorry, Kirty. Take care of yourself.
  12. I was thinking about your dogs yesterday and was actually going post in this topic to ask for an update. So glad it is a good one.
  13. Same here. I am shaking my head in disbelief.
  14. Great names for a pair of red and black buddies. (bad team though)
  15. I have no experience with this but a small square of fake grass or puppy pads put in the shower and the door left open over night. It would be the easiest area to clean.
  16. I was clutching at the name, too. I kept thinking it was silken balls. :laugh:
  17. I could be wrong but that seems like a lot of upheavals in such a short amount of time after what she has been through. Is there somewhere she can be full time for her rehabilitation so she has a bit more security and stability? It is great you stepped in to help her.
  18. I am another lucky one who's dogs don't tend to resorce guard. I feed them in seperate areas anyway to avoid them gulping their food as the closer they are the faster they tend to eat. I think it takes the pressure of them and probably make their dinner more enjoyable. I don't take the risk with bones regardless so they are either fully supervised or seperated.
  19. OMG PD can you imagine Stan on the Pred?? So glad your gorgeous boy is back to the mad Doofster, may he annoy you for a long time to come :) So great that he is feeling like his normal self, PD. I hope he continues to do well. HazyWal, if Stan was on pred all the fridge locks in the world would be useless against against his will to eat. I think you would have to remove your fridge and all food stuffs from the house completely.
  20. Here are a couple of links from the Australian Veterinary Association. LINK LINK
  21. LINK Veterinary clinic chain says almost half of animals brought in for check-ups are unvaccinated STAFF WRITER FREE PRESS LEADER APRIL 16, 2014 12:35PM CUTE, cuddly and vaccinated – these fluffy friends are ready to be welcomed into a new home, but not all pets are so lucky. Figures from Greencross Vet clinics across Australia show 44 per cent of domestic pets brought in for a check-up were at risk of life-­threatening diseases because their vaccinations were out of date. >> Should pet owners be fined if they don't vaccinate their animals? Tell us below or on our Facebook page. Greencross Vets Stud Park director Dr Prue Stanley said it was an alarming trend that could hurt pet owners' beloved animals, as well as their hip pockets. The clinic vaccinates dogs, cats, rabbits and the occasional ferret for diseases including parvovirus, canine cough, cat flu and feline­ leukaemia. But Dr Stanley said many pet owners did not ­realise they had to bring their beloved pooch or moggy in for an annual booster to stay protected. "Their animal is only well because everyone around them is vaccinated, keeping the disease out of their immediate­ area," Dr Stanley said. Treatment costs for ­parvovirus, which is ­common in dogs, could run into the thousands because it involved 7-14 days in hospital and blood transfusions. Pets could easily share diseases – which could be prevented or eased with a vaccination – some of which could survive outside the body for several hours, Dr Stanley said.
  22. My thoughts exactly, Ososwift. The way I look at it is by cracking down on wandering dogs it is making people more aware that allowing their dogs to wander is not acceptable or financially viable. I have had too many bad experiences with dogs on the road to mention but thinking of the night I helped a devastated young P plater lift a beautiful big long hair GSD off the road that she had just hit with her car and killed (not to mention the heartbreak the owners must have felt) makes a fine seem so insignificant.
  23. Fair enough going easier on people for a first offence. I don't think it has to be about blame, just responsibility.
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