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  1. Run free Maverick. I am sorry for your loss Serenity. It is so hard to say goodbye.
  2. It is the reality you stated @persephone based on many years of your personal experience and you also stated the positive part, which is a BIG positive, so there is no way you need to apologize. Being that it is a discussion forum of course people will give their opinions based on personal experience. My one personal experience was full on and really difficult at times and although I would choose not to do that ever again I don’t regret for one second that I did do it and wouldn’t change that experience for the world. Anyway OP sorry I didn’t have any answers for your original question but best wishes with your new additions to the family.
  3. Initially I felt horrible using the plastic cone so purchased an inflateable one but it didn't work and it seemed more uncomfortable. Finally I went back to the e collar and she got used to it and within a couple of days she started using it to her advantage to boof everyone out of her way and as a barrier from the others to scavenge any dropped food. I wish i had stayed with it to start with as when I was trying it with the inflateable one and doing collar off time she got to the wound and it prolonged the healing time considerably. As soon as I just stuck with the e collar it healed quickly. Maybe try try a size smaller if it is too big.
  4. I am so sorry for your loss Bubitty. Bubby was so lucky to have such a wonderful family. He also lived the gourmet life that dogs dream of. Such a good boy and loved Dol favorite.
  5. The vet also sells a product called Denosyl. It is basically the active ingredient of Milk Thistle and SAMe in a single tablet.
  6. I got 16 but agree some of those answers could have gone either way. It's not the same looking at a photo compared to seeing the dog and situation first hand.
  7. I'm not 100% sure where I stand on this issue. I have had to take time of for my animals but have taken it as leave without pay or annual leave. My employer has been accommodating, in that they have allowed it at short notice, and I considered that an acceptable compromise.
  8. If I walked in to a dog beach or leash free area and someone had a baby on the ground then would quietly shake my head, leash my dog and leave the area. Not a very sensible action by the mother but at the same time it is a public space and she is well within her rights. Sometimes despite the inconsiderations of others you just try to do the sensible thing and move on. That's life!
  9. Greyhound puppies!!!!! I can't wait for the photos!!
  10. My dog did chemo Kayla and it did exactly as you stated as the goal of chemo. It didn't just buy us time, it bought us quality time and I am so thankful for that. How is your girl going?
  11. Cheap Bunnings carpet with decent (slightly thicker) underlay. It is the type of carpet you would put in a rental property. Great price and very durable. Only thing you can't do is drag furniture across it as it can leave marks. I have had mine down for nearly 10 years and it was such a stress free process at the time and I am surprised what great condition it is still in after all these years. I use a Dyson with the Hepa filter on it and it keeps everything fresh and clean despite indoor dogs that shed like there is no tomorrow.
  12. Such a beautiful tribute to your special boy. I am so sorry for your loss.
  13. My heart goes out to you MadWoofter. Run free Fleming. ❤️
  14. 100% this Yes!! Great post as usual, Gruf.
  15. I may be way off base but the mum doesn't look pure to me but I'm not familiar enough with the breed to say that with confidence. If it is important to you that your new pup is pure I think you would probably be better off buying from a registered breeder then you could be sure. Other things to consider are what the temperament of the parents are like. How the puppies are raised and if this breed has any health issues that require the parents to be tested before breeding so as not to pass on anything genetic that can be avoided. Some genetic issues end up costing a lot of dollars and a lot of heartbreak so you really are doing the right thing by doing a bit of research before committing. All the best with what ever you decide. :)
  16. I am not sure of the answer to your actual question LG but I tend to start and finish our walks with more purpose and and in more of a heel but do the meandering and sniffing in the middle of the walk. I think it boils more down to the individual dog and building up their fitness levels. Although if I saw someone walking a dog in the middle of the day, in the middle of summer on boiling bitumen I couldn't keep my mouth shut if I tried.
  17. It is just lovely to see you back and ready for a new dog, Jelly. I am no help with advice about your question but just wanted to say hi. :)
  18. Not sure if you are supposed to but I use in the mop bucket without any problems. Just to add I only put it in for the of odour neutralizing and smell. For the cleaning part I use Handy Andy or other floor cleaner but that is probably what you meant anyway.
  19. I am so sorry, Caz. Such a beautiful tribute. Some of the naughty things you said Charlie did had me smiling. Cheeky boy! Run free beautiful Charlie.
  20. Ohh, Caz. So sorry to hear that.
  21. How are you and your girl going, Caz?
  22. So it is colder than a four dog night! :laugh:
  23. http://www.countrywidecottages.com.au Great place. Fenced yards. Off leash area. Private but the people who run it are lovely. Lots of detailed information on things to do locally. Truly dog friendly.
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