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  1. If I was in that situation I would make it so that the dogs can't get to that area of the fence. It would probably mean more fencing set back from the existing fence but I would do it and take out a loan to do it if I had to. As some of us have seen on here from another poster these things can really escalate and make life extremely stressful. Changing things from your side of the fence would probably end up being less trouble in the long run than trying to reform an idiot. ETA ....I left my computer for a quite a while before I finished my post and pressed send so missed your post above.
  2. If it happens again just smile and tell them your a very, very wealthy person and money is of no concern for you.
  3. Snooza D1000 gets my vote. I don't have to take their word for it as I have dozed off on it several times.
  4. I would highly suggest you steer clear of any unpapered stafford. They can have a lot of health issues, especially the "blues" due to overbreeding for colour. There are some wonderful reg breeders of both that breed the colour you are wanting, these dogs are all health tested and come with a guarantee and lifetime support usually. Go to "Puppies for sale" at the top and you can see the list of both Amstaffs and SBT breeders and their puppies currently available. I would also suggest you speak to the people in the Amstaff and Stafford threads which are located in the breed specific subforums above "General Dog Discussion" Goodluck with your searching :) Good advice. Even more important if you are in Victoria. mm there are plenty of registered blue staffords, just look in the breeders pages I fail to see the humour. A new member has sensibly asked for advice and I congratulate them on that. OP there are some great stafford breeders here please check them out in the breed pages I am sure they will happily offer advice on their chosen breed I am another who fails to see the humour in that. Good on you, Tim, for doing a bit of research first. Most of the advice you get on here will be helpful.
  5. Sounds like Bunter is perfectly matched to his name. Is that coincidence or was he named after Billy Bunter?
  6. You could donate the items to a rescue such as AAPS or advertise them in marketplace and donate the money to a rescue org or find somwhere in need of donations that is doing lymphoma research.
  7. Run free, Bison. Thank-you for sharing yours and Bison's journey with us, DR. Sorry for your loss.
  8. See main title of thread :D Haha yes, but I mean how do you learn them all so you can identify them just off a picture. I mean, wow I'm a cheat. I had no idea and googled my answer.
  9. I thought showing a blond Hovawart might make it a little more difficult to identify but you got it.
  10. Happy Birthday, Elsie! Love the photos. Every time I see your siggie I think how cute she is. What breed is she?
  11. This is the first time I have posted in Emma's topic but I just wanted to send my best wishes. She looks like such a gorgeous girl. I think a piece of red paper cut into a love heart would look good on her nose. :)
  12. Another idea is to use the titles of books that have a main character named Abbie.
  13. Congratulations to the new dog. Talk about landing on her feet. :D
  14. Sorry for your loss, Penumbra. He looks like a beautiful boy.
  15. Lots of us on this forum do NOT do annual vaccinations and feed the prey model diet. It is a shame for you to go just because you didn't get the answers you wanted as there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here. If you are just after a straight answer with no opinions then I don't think you will find any forum helpful.
  16. One of my dogs always used to give me those 'no consent' signals but I was somewhat oblivious and continued to pat and scratch him but these days he loves being patted and scratched and now always gives those consent signals.
  17. The Crown Jewels made me think royal tiaras. Queen Mary Fringe Vladimir Burmese Ruby Russian Kokoshnik Cambridge Lovers Knot Greece's Meander Cartier Halo
  18. Tlc, this is the walkyguard. You could have one in the usual position but up a tad higher to fit the other one up side down so it blocks off between the front seats. It is an expensive option but easily removable and you could use it for the back too.
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