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  1. I agree with this. It is easy and understandable to feel defensive when a barking complaint is made but I am sure most people would not just make a complaint for the sake of it (I'm not saying this is not the case with your mum though) . Up one side of my house the barking really echoes and I know the neighbour on that side gets the brunt of any barking. If any of our neighbours complained we would fully investigate it and ensure they did not have to put up with nuisance barking. They have our phone numbers anyway and they have been assured that we would really like to know if the barking ever gets excessive or annoying so I hope they would feel comfortable enough to approach us before going to council. Barking is annoying and not all people love dogs so it is something I really try to keep to a minimum even as far as alert barking that someone is on the property.
  2. They believe the controversy they create gets people talking but fail to realise that what people are actually talking about has nothing to do with the issue and everything to do with how they are crackpots and have gone to far.
  3. Royal Flair Royal Treasure Royal Affair
  4. ^^I really like that one. Another... Royal Mint (call name Cash. lol)
  5. Royal Jubilee (It is the Queens diamond jubilee next Saturday)
  6. So agree. I have actually found more of what I perceived to be dog snobbery from designer dog owners. Although I suppose I am a dog snob in return as I can't stand designer dog names even though I have mutts. Yep,
  7. Did the emails begin after it was stated that they cannot have the pup but the deposit would also not be refunded?
  8. Could it be related to the stress she has been under with the visitors you have had or the fact that she has an infection? Having said that, mine are sooks when it comes to going out in the rain.
  9. If that is the case wags then I would find the duplicity frustrating and annoying and would make me think twice about wanting my pup to go to that home but I still don't think it is right or that the breeder has the right to keep the deposit should the pup be given a clean bill of health.
  10. This is a couple of weeks old. Here is the article and link. LINK
  11. corrie


    I am sorry for your loss, mantis. It was so apparent through your posts how much you loved your boy.
  12. I have lost human family members and four legged family members and I would not compare the grief of any of them because each loss stands alone.
  13. Yippeeee!!!! So great to hear she is home safe.
  14. Ditto. I hate the expression "furkids". Make owners sounds like twits IMO. Same. Skin kids is also one I dislike. I really like kids. It is generally the parents I find annoying.
  15. Hard to take credit, I was mostly just acknowledging other people's points ;) but thank you anyway. I actually pressed the edit button at the time to add those that you quoted and agreed with but cancelled it and went back to reading.
  16. Good posting Hortfurball. I found myself agreeing with pretty much every point you made.
  17. How is hiding the problem ever going to improve anything? Racing Greyhounds are a tool of trade with too much revenue involved for anything to be done in reality IMHO. What I am pointing out is that it's a different side of the fence to the pet market and it should stay that way. Why hide it though?
  18. How is hiding the problem ever going to improve anything?
  19. This is how Whippets were raced back in the day. Although I think there was a bit of 'on track' betting between owners. My view is that there should be no off track betting, no professional trainers and owner/trainers only. Let it be a hobby and once the dogs aren't seen simply as a walking source of money things would change. I think this would be a positive direction to head in.
  20. Reading this topic makes me shake my head and think "God help the APBT". Sometimes, it seems, the greatest advocates can become the greatest threat.
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