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  1. Surprised he didn't suggested taking the dog to the vet rather than giving advice about a dog sight unseen. Only my opinion but I would not be withholding water.
  2. Has she ever done it at any other time? What tests did the vet do?
  3. I thought the same initially, persephone, but I suppose with something like this where consumer choices could potentially reduce or stop these dogs being put in that situation I can see why they would pair it with music that evokes an even stronger emotional reaction.
  4. Agree, Huski. I thought it was well rounded for the time given and some fundamentally important messages expressed as well as showing people what dogs are capable of with some time and commitment.
  5. Did anyone watch this? I thought it was a very good segment.
  6. I am another who has had positive dealings with these guys. Good company.
  7. Sending good (non-blockage) wishes your boys way, Ruthless. Is that Jazz in your avatar? Beautiful dog. It goes to show that no matter how pedantic you may be these things can still happen.
  8. Spike looks and sounds divine and I can see why he captured your heart. I am so sorry for your loss WendyH. Fly free beautiful little bird.
  9. I enjoy seeing your lovely drawings, Dogsrawsome. I couldn't choose a favourite as I think all three of them are great.
  10. I read the book years ago and found it so sad. I am a sook with things like that so if I do see it I might wait til it comes out on video.
  11. Such great photos. All beautiful dogs but Ralph looks extra lovable.
  12. What a gorgeous dog. Leopard print collars just look so good on black dogs. Come to think of it, black dogs look great in most colours.
  13. It's not exactly a new or unknown problem, there are actually some reacue groups that rehome just the blacks. http://www.blackpearldogs.com/ Blacks make up a substantial proportion of greyhounds (I can't remember the exact percentage but it's over 60%) and the blacks have always been the hardest for us to rehome. I actually have a small pile of applications on my desk right now, all of them set aside because they wanted "unusual" or "pretty" or "rare" coloured dogs (sadly, those are some of the actual words used in the applications)- and the current foster girl is just black. The colours people prefer in greyhounds seem to be fawn and blue, in particular, parti colour fawn or blues. We've actually only ever had two parti dogs, one of those was white with black (although she was cat-safe so rehomed very quickly) and the other was white and fawn (the greyhound on the right in my signature) but she failed small dog testing twice and was not suitable for rehoming. It's really quite disappointing that people would still prefer looks over temperament, our current foster is a lovely girl (very intelligent, gets along beautifully with other dogs and she's very people-oriented) but as soon as you tell people what colour she is, the interest in her disappears completely. I actually think black is the prettiest colour on greyhounds... how sad:( Same here, Fuzzy. A while back I saw a lady walking her Greyhound around the local shoppping strip. The lady was well dressed and her beautiful black Greyhound was wearing a thick leopard print greyhound collar. They both looked very classy.
  14. I am also so sorry for your losses.
  15. What a beauty she was. Sorry for your loss. RIP Tequila :p
  16. I totally agree with all of your posts in this topic, Mita.
  17. A 'muddle' of mutts for the Heinze rescues and cross breeds.
  18. The Dad was interviewed on 3AW earlier today. Looks like he has ligament damage and has to have an operation. Their house was flooded recently with all the rain. What a terrible time they have had. Poor bloke won't be able to return to work for a while. Thank goodness he was there to protect his kids. He mentioned the breed of the dogs and made a point that he knew dogs of the same breeds that were great dogs and that it isn't about the breed but it is about the way they are raised and socialised (something to that effect).
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