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  1. I know what you mean, Erny, and I know the way I put it sounds so inflexible. In reality I think it would be great if the dogs could be kept out of the pound and reunited with owners as quickly as possible but I still think their needs to be a fine so people don't just flippantly think "Oh naughty Rover got out again" (because it seems it is never the owners fault). It is stressful in the pound for a dog but it is stressful for a dog getting hit by a car, it is stressful for the person who hits it or the person trying to stop it running on the road.
  2. totally agree. Large fines for repeat offenders. Slap on the wrist may be appropriate for first offenders. Sometimes it takes a first offense to diagnose a fencing problem. Eg, it may be a surprise when you discover your puppy can dig UNDER the expensive fence you put up. I agree but as the owner of a thwarted escape artist I would rather cop a fine on the chin because this is where the real problem with dogs begins. There is so much focus on breed specific legislation that the much bigger issue is just sneaking past unnoticed. It has to be made more financially advantageous for people to keep dogs contained to their property by means of hefty fines. For too long now people and dogs have been subject to attacks from loose dogs, put in danger on the roads and there is a culture out there that says that it is OK and among many it is just the done thing. There needs to be a change in thinking.
  3. I know this might not be a popular opinion but I think even if a dog is microchipped and handed in to a vet it should go to the council and dog at large fines applied.
  4. I would put shade cloth along the fence but if it is 4 foot I would suggest doing some kind of extension (either temporary or permanent depending what you and the landlord decide is preferred). If the fencing is not in disrepair then I personally don't think it should be the landlords responsibility to pay to keep your dog safe.
  5. That is the most gorgeous pack pic, Clover. Beautiful dogs.
  6. Thanks Wiz's Mum. It seems they have stopped selling them in the shops that used to stock them so I will the online option.
  7. I find the Petlife Watersports leads really good but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I haven't tried the matching collar though.
  8. Hugs to you and your little guy. Hopefully your vet got good margins. Some people's attitudes towards others spending money on medical treatment for pets really leaves me shaking my head. I just don't understand it. It is seemingly acceptable to some to spend massive amounts of money on holidays, cars, clothes, boats, trailers, bigger houses and a heap of other things but to spend money on extending the time and quality of a loved companion is a waste? To me, maeby, they are the ones with the problem. Not you! You are kind and compassionate and you are your pugs best friend.
  9. Souff, this is DOL statement of the year for me. It is something that everyone of us, not just airlock, should be mindful of at all times! And, from memory, pretty much the only statement from Souff this year. DOL needs more Souff posts :) I had to do a double take on the date to make sure it was a current topic when I saw Souff had posted.
  10. Cosmolo, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your other two dogs. Your guys have always been some of my DOL favourites. Sorry I don't have any good advise except to trust in yourself. It has always been very evident how special your boy is to you. I remember you posting when he first wormed his way in to your hearts. I agree with kirty's post above.
  11. I've been thinking about you and Roo a lot today, Jelly. You know we are here if you need to talk. Gentle hugs.
  12. I don't quite know what to say, Jelly, but I think Rebanne put it perfectly. Sending love, strength and hugs to you and your beautiful Roo girl. Go and have your very special moments with Roo. Make sure there are ice-creams involved. And know that we are only a mouse click away if you need support from people who understand. xx
  13. It was my open golf umbrella that saved me and my dog when we got attacked, thank God it was raining that day or I wouldn't have had it with me, its the reason I didn't get bitten, the dogs bit the umbrella instead. I can imagine how scary it would be to navigate around off leash dogs with your dog not 100% fit. I've had a ball come past me out of nowhere and a Dobermann fly past after it in a suburban walkway. After a few more ball tosses I politely informed the owner that my rotator cuff muscles didn't need any further work out from my dogs lunging after the ball. No doubt I was 'hysterical'. Oh yes we mustn't be hysterical that would be awful. I hate becoming that woman in the park who objects to off leash dogs getting in my space but I'll keep objecting until the owners get a grip on their pets. I'm aware they love their dogs but I don't need to be knocked over by their darling and then get a cursory "Oh sorry he was only playing". I congratulate you on your crusade. Your problem is that you fail to understand that and off lead dog does not automatically result in an out of control dog. Every second post from you is you regaling us with a terrifying story where you have been rushed/attacked/mauled by and out if control dog. These dogs and owners have not been in control, have not been acting responsibly or with consideration. At no point have I said this behaviour is ok. It's getting to the point now where these things seem to be happening with such intensity and frequency to you, coupled with the fact that your experience is so extremely different to mine and many other dog owners I know, that I'm starting to think maybe you have some other contributing factors. That is great that your dog is so obedient, Razorblade. Dogs have their own minds though and regardless of training can forget themselves sometimes. Has your dog ever moved from your side or gone to sniff another dog or completely disobeyed you? I bet you will say no but at least be honest with yourself and stick to leash free areas if that is how you choose to walk your dog.
  14. It seems it is a bit of an idiotic status symbol like not tethering your dog in the back of a ute. Unfortunately it is always the dog that pays when things go wrong. If a dog walks perfectly off lead beside you then what is the harm in putting a lead on it. I suspect a lot of off leash dogs don't walk quite so nicely when they on lead and some people would rather (think they) look cool over than bothering with loose leash training. Loose dogs even if they are friendly pose a risk to motorists. I don't think some seem to get the fact that people get killed or suffer permanent, debilitating injuries from collisions caused by wandering dogs. Especially if you live in a suburban/highly populated area and unless you are in a designated off leash area just put your dog on a freaking leash. It is not that hard. And no you don't look cool walking beside a highway with your off leash dog you look like an idiot. Edited to add that I haven't had many dogs rush me or my dogs over the years but I have had far too many experiences of close calls on the road and witnessed dogs been hit and killed. I have been badly bitten trying to save a dog from being hit and have picked far too many dead dogs off the road.
  15. Despite anthropomorphism being a jail-able offence , if I allow my human mind make me relate what they do (to what I do) then I would say yes. This is just my opinion but as humans a lot of what we do is triggered by an emotion. Emotions are a great way for our brain or instincts to compel us to do or not do something and I think that extends to animals. Dogs are playful and I think humour comes under the playfulness umbrella but that is just the way I look at it and I don't have a scientific paper to back it up. Edited for massive spacing between paragraphs.
  16. Everyone would have to buy fridge locks.
  17. Beautiful tribute. That bought a tear to my eyes. Happy Birthday up at the rainbow bridge, Fraser.
  18. Just sending healing wishes for your beautiful boy.
  19. I am another who thought your laugh was infectious, Dyzney. All your dogs look so healthy and happy even if one of them has a hilarious left of centre swimming style. The place you stayed looks great.
  20. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery and positive pathology results.
  21. I reckon you are..... You are dealing with a couple of super models and some damn awesome head wear and you only give us two piddley photos.
  22. So cute. you look like such a nanna, Maddy.
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