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  1. Thanks for the update, Jelly. I've been wondering how the beautiful Miss Roo was going.
  2. I had one like this in my study. Except he was a working security dog, so lived in a kennel when he wasn't working, training or running around in the paddocks during his exercise time. Nonetheless, he spent most of his time pacing in circles, switching to bouncing off the walls if something happened, barking and biting wire and his water bucket. He spent about an hour around lunch time napping and that was about the only time he was still in the 7 hours I was there every day. His handler said it was the breed and there was not much you could do about it. I was chatting to an ex-military dog trainer and asked if that was normal behaviour for them in their experience. I was told most of them are like that and really need to be worked for 4 hours a day to keep them sane. I had a second WL Mal and a show line Mal in my study as well, kept as pets, and they were completely different. Much more manageable dogs in general, a lot less highly strung. The WL one was not even in the same ballpark as the one I had already met. I guess particular lines matter. I don't doubt that lines matter but I also think people would be more likely to nip undesirable behaviour in the bud if they have to actually live with it, whereas in the kennel environment teaching the dog to switch off may not be a priority.
  3. Such a wonderful thing you and your beautiful girl did. *hugs*
  4. I'm not a breeder or a potential puppy buyer but I'll give my two cents anyway. Say most of the puppies from the litter were going out at around 10 weeks with one vaccination. Due to that time frame not being good for you the breeder is happy to keep the pup with them for the extra two weeks at no extra charge to you and they will also get the second vacc done as well with out asking you for more money to cover the cost. So, circumstances change, you are taking puppy two weeks earlier but you are now asking for a discount for something you were not being charged for in the first place. Call the breeder (as others suggested) and get it sorted so then you can look forward to all your puppy cuddles and puppy naughtiness and hopefully a long, amicable and supportive relationship with the breeder.
  5. You bet. You said your cognition has increased as you have gotten older and my theory is that it is because of all the puppy breath you get to smell from puppy kisses.
  6. Nice!! I think we'll have to give those names to 2 of the boxer cross pups - we have 4 girls and 1 boy... T. COOL. Well, now you have to give them a pat from Aunty Corrie.
  7. They are super cuties. The names I was going to suggest were Seren (meaning Star or short for Serendipity) and Kismet. Maybe you can put them in your name list for down the track, Tdierikx?
  8. Sorry to hear about the set back jelly. Hugs for you and Roo. I know it is obvious and only a little thing and probably already been suggested and/or tied but I find having some background music or TV on helps my guys to settle a bit more.
  9. I agree with the bolded bit and Jellyblush has made it crystal clear how much she appreciates the advice and support she has received. I cannot see anywhere she has suggested this thread is too overwhelming. ...And how is the level of support Jellyblush has received in comparison to others relevant or why is it even necessary to make that comparison? All she has done is stated that she is now going to completely follow Nekhbets program. Nekhbet is the only one in this topic who has assessed Roo and her behaviour in the real world. I think it is reasonable to assume for the time being that Jelly and Nekhbet have got it covered and although updates are great Nekhbet shouldn't have to come in here to stave off well meaning internet advice and justify her own real life observations of Roo and the program she is implementing. You have given some great advice, Rosetta and so have others but some of us would like to keep sending our well wishes without this topic being deleted and if Jelly wanted to deleted I am sure she can decide that off her own back.
  10. I love your guys, Crickets. They are beautiful and I had never heard of the breed before you got Bobby.
  11. Great idea for a topic. I agree with others so don't think I have much to add but I do notice that I don't get a great deal of up chucks as I have when feeding other food. They do eat grass but I feel some of that is habit. My guys get a tick in most of the boxes but I am not quite as happy with their coat as I was when they were on a cheaper food that required more food and resulted in bigger more frequent poo. They are relatively shiny but a bit dandruffy. So what is the tipping point to make you go from a food that is mostly great to trying a new food that could potentially not agree with your dog and effect its heath and condition. And just for a light-hearted immature giggle......I am loving some of the descriptions in this topic.
  12. I am loving the photos and video of your little beauties. Bobby is so lucky to get such a good home.
  13. Looks like you have some shopping to do for your new arrival. How exciting.
  14. I am curious if anyone here has ever had a dog with heartworm? I wonder what the true distribution is and wonder how many dogs are diagnosed per year?
  15. The long term goal is not to just save dogs that are in pounds now. It is about education and changing perceptions.
  16. Yes, I think you are right. I remember Chief. Both beautiful dogs and I am sorry for your loss. Now it looks like little Omar is going to fill your heart with much love and laughter and probably test your patience at times. He is so cute.
  17. Same. He looks like so much fun. Did you used to have a Bernese Mountain Dog as well? I might be confusing you with another Doler, though.
  18. OMG! I'm in love. Boomer is adorable and he looks like he has an attitude.
  19. I think that is the key, though.........communicating with your neighbours and attempting to get a picture of how they behave whilst you are away. Not just throwing them in the front or back yard and not giving a hoot how often they are barking. I don't think it is black or white and but I think it is better for dog ownership in general if people show a little consideration as to the impact their dogs have on others.
  20. I personally would not leave my dogs in my fenced front yard if I was not out there with them. I know they would bark at passers by and we have a lot of people walk past so I don't think it would be fair on the neighbours or the walkers. My closest neighbours don't/ choose not to have dogs so I try to be respectful of that and create as little impact on them from my dogs as I possibly can. On the other hand, although I find it inconsiderate, it actually doesn't bother me personally if other people have their dogs rushing the fence and barking as I use it as a training opportunity for my dogs.
  21. I don't think in a general setting that too much weight needs to be put in it but I think it is as much a reality as human social (pack) hierarchy.
  22. If I was in that situation I would make it so that the dogs can't get to that area of the fence. It would probably mean more fencing set back from the existing fence but I would do it and take out a loan to do it if I had to. As some of us have seen on here from another poster these things can really escalate and make life extremely stressful. Changing things from your side of the fence would probably end up being less trouble in the long run than trying to reform an idiot. ETA ....I left my computer for a quite a while before I finished my post and pressed send so missed your post above.
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