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  1. Has the pup been seen again by a vet? I would consider this pups situation as extremely urgent, especially given previous history of eating rocks and being undersizee for age
  2. There are genetic issues these guys should be tested for prior to breeding. These pups are a genetic lottery
  3. My dogs have been Arizona Zeus Brutus Natasha Angel Rommi Lewis Wilson Abby. Not all named by me! Other creature names Oscar Arnie Dennis Chevy Boris Boo Harrison Barney or Harry Merlin Arthur Taj Matilda Anzac Bart Yoghurt Walter Dash
  4. The idea being there will be collateral damage but it it is for long term gain. Previously they introduced dingos onto an island and they did indeed kill every single goat, however it then took 10 years or something to cull the Dingos and they then did too much damage to native species. The time frame was to allow them to eradicate the goats but not then become an issue themselves.
  5. The exercise it's self sounds okay. He may walk the dog somewhere and let it run around there then walk home? When I am walking the dogs are on loose leads, but I don't meander and I don't let them pull me after smells. They get time to stop and toilwt if required and if possible they get let off lead for a run around and sniff. I live on acreage so they get plenty of sniffing free running opportunities. When I walk it's with purpose and to a time limit.
  6. Yep I would miss breakie. If you were going to run him I would do it hours before so he can cool down properly and drink enough to not get thirsty. Might help him settle if he does get a run, but you know him best
  7. Yes I printed out an A4 sheet with my dogs name, my name and mobile flight details and an emergency contact. I laminated it and taped it too the top. If return I laminate the way back on the other side and just flip it and retape
  8. I have flown mine. Mine are crate trained and don't stress about being in crates/flown etc. I make sure they have had a good run, but a reasonable amount of time before so they can cool off have a drink/toiket etc. Mine wear no collars or anything to make sure they cannot get cauggt up on anything. I use my own crates blankets etc so it's all familiar for them. I don't feed prior to flying.
  9. I hope she is okay. I have only ever seen it as a result of injury. There has to be a Opening for air to get under the skin. I have seen it due to accident and a small tear in the lung, torn trachea and injury into the chest cavity from external force. If she hasn't had an injury then why is the question. I would consider it very urgent and push to get her in today.
  10. It rates Black Hawk extremely hih however it was no good for my dogs, I had muscle issues which inclded torn muscles from average hooning around, lack of muscle tone and fitness, crap coats and having to feed h7ge amoubts to keep weight on. It is a guide, how your dog does on it is whats important
  11. Loks like buckle rub marks. Also I would have thought 4 to 5cm apart would be further apart tham the prongs on a collar
  12. Working dogs rounding them up to shoot etc I mean. Could they not poison the goats? They will eat grain/pellets etc if fed in one place
  13. If they can film them, they can shoot them. Feed them grain, they will come. Hunters with bows could do it as could good working dogs.
  14. I hope they shoot them before they get killed by 1080. It's an horrendous way for an animal to die.
  15. Awesome. Hopefully they don't do it again
  16. As a horse owner large prey driven dogs behind rural fencing - especially when left to their own devices - worries me greatly. Horses can do a couple of things. Attack and injure or kill the dogs, get severe injuries from dogs tearing out chunks of muscle or severing tendons and major blood vessels, injuring themselves due to trying to flee and tangling themselves in fences etc, or dying due to snapped necks or being PTS due to broken limbs. Yes I have actually seen all of the above happen. You will need a much more secure area to contain a dog of the breeds you are looking at. There was a thread on here a little while back where an awesome large well fenced dog area.
  17. From WA call Sherae Petlink for a quote as well.
  18. I would never expect rural fencing to hold my Dobes or GD x if there were stock running around on the other side and my Dobes were very good with livestock, brought up with them and never allowed to engage in chasing even along fence lines
  19. Excellent advice. Once a pooch knows it can escape its a battle of the wills (and often wallet) to keep the little beggars in. We've had foxies go under, rotties go over and everything in between. The day we got Scottie from the pound there was a chi who was climbing the chain mesh like a ladder - I took one look at Hubby and said "geeze - I wonder how he ended up here?" This is why my boarding kennel escapologist yards are 2 metre chain mesh pkus have another metre of angled in mesh as I have had dogs climb and hit the corners. The mesh runs are fully covered over the top inside and outside and I have seen dogs climb and jump and hit the top of those. My own dogs are not climbers however my GD x Ridge when leaping off her back legs as got her head to around 20cm below the top of the 2 metre fence. She was known to clear 1.8 metre fences when I got her.
  20. I have had Dobermanns, Staffords, working dogs, Whippets and now a large cross on rural acerage. Never ever would I trust rural fencing to contain a dog of any of these breeds- ever. You are setting a dog up for failure. Especially if you get a drivey working breed. I have a dog yard that has brick runs attached and 2 metre chain mesh fencing. Some of mine are in that. Otherwise the are tethered or in a large garage when I am not there. Dogs left to amuse themselves do so when their owners are not around. Remember also roaming dogs in rural areas especially when harassing stock will get shot.
  21. We used to have three vet clinics. One had an owner that employed another vet - but was occassionally by himself. The second one had joint vet owners, The third was a husband and wife team. Now the single owned vet tried to sell but couldn't, so sgut it down and retired. Partnership got bought out by one of them, employed another vet then advertised for sale, couldn't sell, shut it down. Husband and wife team grew and employed new grad vets for up to 3 years. Other vets shut down. They now have husband and wife plus two other vets and their partners as owners. They employ a further 3 to 4 vets and around 6 nurses plus reception staff. They don't want to get any busier but with no other vets they will. It would be very hard gor a new vet to start up down here. A bit of healthy competition would do wonders!
  22. If I decide they are for me I sure will! I don't want to waste his time by asking him lots of questions before I am absolutely set in all least a shortlist of dogs. Thanks for the info He breeds Malinois. However he will know breeders of a large variety of working line dogs and would likely help you to work out if they arensuited for your situation etc.
  23. Peperone - now Pet Network was the cheapest I found when I bought some
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