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  1. If you are interested in working line shepherd type dogs talk to Steve at K9 Pro. He may be able to help you.
  2. Peta and all the other loonies are making in roads it seems
  3. I have seen this years ago in a Golden Retriever. I cannot remember exactly how it all panned out though.
  4. I have seen many sibling puppies have issues. From never learning to be alobe and this causibg aƱything from training issues to severe distress to varying levels if aggression to severe damage and death. Yes sometimes it can work, but not a rosk I would take and it's something I have been aware of and advised against for over 20 years, so certainly not a new phenomenon. Maybe it was more likely to occur in the breeds I had or was interested in, not sure.
  5. The breeder should be providing support and should absolutely take the dog back if it isn't working out. The bitch should also have been desexed prior to rehoming as a pet! On that note - if she is on heat leaving her free roaming in the back yard is not the best idea. Dogs clear fences all the time. I would get her a dog run, put it on concrete or put pavers etc down. Put lots of things in there for her to destroy/play with. If you can and she doesnt shred it, put down some fake turf to try and get her to toilet on that - put attractants etc on it.
  6. Sadly you may have to make the decision to euthanase her. That fact her previous owners won't take her back or at the very least help to rehome her AND have rehomed a dog with serious issues speaks volumes. Personally due to her intense fear and size I would not have her anywhere near my children or animals. I would also not expect rescue to take her. I would be the one stepping up to make the tough decision.
  7. Over there it is normal to take dogs pretty much everywhere
  8. Many vets will sign off on a yearly vaccination for 3 years. The triennial vaccine is different to the yearly, predominantly the parvo part.
  9. Don't you still have yo search for ticks even if you use tick products?
  10. Thank you for your answer. That is what I feel. If your kennel has that many dogs they should have the staff to look after them. In a tick area that to me would include tick checks.
  11. I agree these types of things you have used as examples would be unavoidable but If I have to leave my dog in a kennel where its a high risk tick area for a couple of weeks I dont believe its unreasonable to expect the dogs are checked daily for ticks Id be more than happy to pay extra to be sure that was happening If they were being checked daily and still got a tick fair enough but personally to tell me that my dog wont be checked , its a high risk area and time of year and if it gets one and its not picked up before its a serious life and death situation its not the kennel's responsibility means I wouldn't leave my dog there. I agree that in a tick risk area they should be checked. To not do so is negligence. If a dog does have a tick issue and you have checked and done your best different issue. I wouldn't leave my dog there either. We live in an area with lots of snakes. I have done and do everything I can to keep snakes out of my kennel area. I have spent substantial amounts of money to snake proof it as well as I can. If a snake does get in and bites a dog/dogs who should pay for that?
  12. Having a boarding kennel I have a very good insight into what goes in and out, it is amazing how it can affect poop and colour of. I have a cat with mahor tolerance and allergy issues. I have some issues in a coupke of my dogs. All of which would be much much easier to deal with if foods had single protein sources.
  13. Oh and you can offer the best care in the world. As I have learned, there is always someone out there that won't like something!!!
  14. It's quite normal. And yes it is to help cover you from less than scrupulous owners. I also ask when a dog is dropped in and it's signed - in case of emergency, particularly if we can't contact you, do you have a limit you can or would spend on veterinary care should the need arise. People have varying answers. Some would treat lots of things but not snake bite for example as they may have before and it hasn't ended well. If a dog in my care was attacked by another dog then I would foot it as I do not run dogs together so it would be a huge screw up on my behalf. I have had dogs shred beds and eat bits that have been provided by the owner. I have had one come down with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis just because. Have had one that I know of come down with kennel cough even though no other dogs were coughing and had a couple get a virus of some sort that caused sneezing and sniffly noses. Why is the kennel operator wholey and soley apparently responsible for such occurances? My kids go to school or play group or a friends and become sick, I sort it. My dogs go to a show or trainibg or the beach and become sick, I sort it. Different story if it is due to neglect or say a dog fight
  15. About time dog food manufacturers realised single protein source foods are requored - and cat foods for that matter. So frustrating to find a food tgat looks good then find there is a protein source slipped in further down the list that your dog is allergic to. If its seafood why add frigging chicken?!!!! Keep it to fish! And there are many other examples.
  16. Carry a dressage whip. Light, good handle and they sting like hell if you use them hard enough.
  17. Yes our club wasn't a yelling yanking club by any means although chains and corrections were used. I just treated it as training with distractions.
  18. I did exactly this. I had my ideas and philosophies. I asked if I could use clicker and food. Food no issue clicker only if it didn't annoy the other dogs. I went in the first class, then trained on the periphery. I quietly did my thing, only giving advice if asked. Had a few people become interested and started training with me and using clickers. Some of the older established didn't like that too much but we continued on. We started traveling and gaining some passes and titles, more people became interested in operant conditioning and rewards based training and clicker. Over time there became a gradual shift however some were staunchly no clicker. The vast majority shifted to positive reinforcement even if they didn't really understand the philosophies. I still continued to pay my membership and train on the periphery and use the group of dogs for distraction training and used their agility gear. Win win for me :)
  19. No way have Weatherbeeta gone out of business. They are enormous and own way more brands that just weatherbeeta. The dog coats are a small sideline
  20. If the ingredients are the same as other tablets then yes they will do there job. Wouldn't support the RSPCA with a gun to my head. I saw the Australian Pet Treat Company proudly advertising they now stock and sell this wormer and how amazing it is. Now looking for another treat supplier.......
  21. The OP has stated they were prepared to return the puppy. Some good advice above. Follow the correct channels and I hope you have the desired outcome
  22. I have a large rescue and Whippets. They happened to collide by accident playing. Needless to say my 15kg Whippet was down paddling and I thought he had broken his back. He hadn't thankfully but was very sore and bruised and extremely lucky. 4 weeks out he is still not 100%. My BRD is not overly boisterous and we are careful. I wouldn't risk it with a Lab as you have described.
  23. I dont want to know but in the last 12 months the horses alone have coast me $3000. I have had one dog taken out by another so rush to the vets, a very lame leg, two dogs with some weird spotty skin thing and a cat with a lump removed and on going visits and treatment for skin breakouts that I have duscovered was their food. Goodness knows what I have forgotten. I don't want to know..........
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