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  1. Really you are free to make any deal you wish... However you are talking about two different things here... a Lease or Breeders Terms. 1. to lease the bitch over to another breeder - From my understanding of ANKC - this requires a written agreement between yourself and the other person which shows conditions of the lease (usually done for another breeder wanting to have a litter)... length of time of lease and further points such as how much you receive either cash or pup; How many pups in litter and what age are pups considered surviving (i.e. 3 days, 3 weeks, 8 weeks);who is r
  2. There is a thing called 'coons disease' - this will often show as a possible tick problem... unsteady in legs and increasing to paralysis.... my brothers dog went to his vet and they thought it was tick however once they went to the neurological vet (which was at the Bondi Vet at the time) they immediately said "Coons Disease" - which has no treatment but just good nursing to keep dog healthy while it runs its course... Friends in USA said it was called 'coons disease' because it is often associated with the 'CoonHounds' that catch it off bites from racoons or skunks..... but often linked to a
  3. Always difficult for science to actually agree... after all studies are set up to check - recheck - disprove...... and of course various studies that look at different angles of a similar question ....Hence it can take perhaps 10 years before society starts to see some of the conclusions that a drawn from all of these studies.... let alone time then for government groups or welfare to actually filter thru and start to realise that perhaps they need to change the regulations.... We actually do have an interesting summary written which takes in 55 different peer reviewed studies....
  4. Actually it can be quite easy to make a simple balanced meal... at least better than what the Commercial Food Companies are doing now....For a start you can use real meat (not a meat by-product)... we don't have to get to worked up about getting trying to get the 'correct ratio' of fat to protein........ It is more about giving the dog a varied diet - using different meats such as beef/lamb/roo/venison helps to feed the different gut bacteria.. We can use products like Vets All Natural Complete Mix which will help to add the different minerals our dogs need from (without the cooking process th
  5. look up a product.... www.vetsallnatural.com.au.... they have a product called complete mix...
  6. Whether any of us think that the studies into dangers of certain commercial foods might be 'inconclusive' - do we really want to wait until further studies are done to clarify whether a food is safe or not... after all it can take years before studies are actually taken seriously by Governments or Associations..... In the meantime are we having problems with pets health. Remember the studies about the risk of juvenile desexing came out in 2012 but it was only 2019 that Dogs Victoria and Monash Vet University issued a Position Statement to state they do not recommend dogs/bitches being
  7. Perhaps it is a lesson in understanding that really a big Commercial Company is more focused on their profits.... they are a self regulated industry and the only time any outside body will come and check is when there have been serious problems proven... Surely they should be testing their products regularly looking at the quality control in house... but obviously not happening.... Companies have loads of ways to market their product to the consumer.... one way is too choose names like 'holistic' or 'Nature' ... when it is probably the same crap as found in any other processed food
  8. When you have animals you have to accept that at times 'shit happens'.... but this is much the same as life in general.... having children is a risk, getting married is a risk, buying a house is a risk.... But also different life experiences are what makes us grow... I am sure you have wonderful memories of your 10 yo dog and perhaps only having one year with your next dog has made you nervous... but the reality is that your first dog lived till 10yo which for many of the bulldog is not considered unusual. Now we are learning from science that more and more there are things we need to co
  9. Pet mince is often okay but there can be a some variety in the quality ... there are companies in Victoria around that may suit your needs - www.tuckertub.com.au - deliver most areas and www.bestforpets.net.au - deliver in the north central area.... I have bought mince from both of these and been very happy with the quality. I am a full raw feeder, changed over to raw 10 years ago and wean my pups from 3 weeks of age onto raw... we don't use kibble at all... instead we follow the Vets All Natural system.. you can learn more about this on www.vetsallnatural.com.au... we also feed bones, y
  10. Regardless of what these types of articles say, the only way to really tell if a raw diet is better for your dog is to test it yourself... This article again is USA based (which always makes me skeptical) and really is only comparing 3 different commercial type foods.... so in effect could we relate this to comparing a hamburger from Macdonalds... to a frozen burger from the Supermarket or to the cook to order at a local Fish and Chip shop.... might have some variations to benefits but really not anywhere in the same realm as comparing ANY commercial product to the home made product.
  11. Processed food is processed food... no matter how much you pay nor how pretty the packaging... The trouble with the commercial companies is they really care more for the bottom line and will feed you any line to convince you to spend your money on their products..... If you were happy using the Vets All Natural Roll but find it difficult to source - why not consider using the Vets All Natural Complete Mix with raw meat - we also add some yoghurt each day and sardines a couple of times a week... You can buy the Complete Mix online and have it delivered and source your meat from a local supp
  12. Maddy, I really don't see why you felt the need to respond negatively towards my comments.... One of the things I hate about social media is how it seems that people can be so ready to take offence and suddenly have all these online experts.... just accept that there are other points of view and often these are from people who have more experience. You are obviously a greyhound owner hence feel you know best....You may well have fostered greys but you have done this with dogs who are already been assessed as potential for domestic living. Hence you are probably dealing with the dog
  13. Actually think that Dr Dawson has been very fair in her comments on this article. Not all dogs (greyhound or otherwise) are suitable for adoption. The nature of adoption and rescue programs are such that the people involved (although well meaning) tend to be led by their emotions rather than a steady logical approach. Hence money is often spent unwisely to 'save' dogs that are past the point of success or even for dogs not really suitable for adoption. There are issues with greyhound adoption just the same as with any rescue adoptions. Greyhounds have a reputation for being a lounge
  14. Perhaps the breeder hasn't behaved in a professional manner - if they have taken a deposit and left you with the idea that a particular pup was yours.... however the reality is that until you have the pup and money paid... there is always a chance of things changing... Online forums - it is important to remember that there are two sides to every story.... the breeder might have a different angle on this.... after all most breeders won't allocate a pup based on photos only - really most reputable breeders would want to meet you first before allocating a pup or at least have recommendatio
  15. Sorry but have to say you have not been a responsible dog owner.... NOTHING works as well as a good fence....Unfortunately you have allowed him for months to learn how to escape and he enjoys going to the neighbours to visit as it is more fun there... I I am surprised your neighbours have been so good about it up till now... if I was your neighbour I would be holding on to the dog and ringing the ranger probably after the 2nd time I had asked you to comply... You need to secure the yard, In fact the. bigger the yard the harder it is to secure the perimeter - Instead you are
  16. One of the easiest ways for people to feed raw and have good balanced diet is to follow the Vets All Natural (VAN). The Complete Mix has been around d a long time and Dr B Syme has been researching this for decades. hence us Joe Average can be fairly safe to accept that he has provided a good balance for the vitamins and minerals needed for dogs. I have been using this for over 8 years and weaning and raising litters of pups from 3 weeks of age. This is what we recommend to the puppy families..... We use the VAN and add either beef or roo meat (uncooked) along with a scoop of G
  17. Like in any profession, there are good and bad .... and the indifferent.... Vets are no different. Personally it is not a problem for me as I learn as much as I can about my breed and health issues, so that I am equipped and ready to question any of the vets. However as a professional Trainer and also as a breeder - My biggest issue is that most of the public are guided by the vets and believe the statements given as gospel... however the vet has a tendency to give throw away lines without giving the clients the full breakdown.... also there is minimal time that Vets spend with clien
  18. As a trainer and a breeder - we never recommend someone getting a second dog until the first one is at least 2.5 years old... that way the first dog has matured enough to be more settled with a pup coming into the home... It also means that you create a great bond with your first dog and when the second pup comes you can also give this pup the chance to bond with you... Also your mature boxer can help your new pup learn the ropes - otherwise you might end up with huge problem of two outrageous teenagers that can go over the top. I would stay away from breeds that have heat problems
  19. One of the big things to remember is that the nutrient levels shown on the packaging are all PRIOR TO ANY COOKING.... hence we know that heat changes the elements..... therefore what they say on the packaging is actually... well BASICALLY BULLSHIT They can say it is lamb.... just because it came of a sheep... but what part ... it can be the crap bits that are all left overs that once upon a time... normally go in the bin
  20. Actually see that Rodney Habib (planet paws) has put up some information about this article... probably worth noting that the author is actually involved with the major dog feed manufacturers.... Which can often happen when you search about the authors on various articles.... Recently also read a comprehensive article in the Pet Industry Magazine about the future of pet food.... the article didn't talk about the food or the quality or lack there off... in fact it actually discussed the future marketing objectives of the Pet Industry about how the millennial generation want to know ab
  21. If you only have had the pup for a few weeks. Then I suspect the breeder should refund the purchase price of the pup.... if it was only a few weeks, then the pup would have had the tumour already. Not that this would be something the breeder would realise. As far as costs for treatment it would seem unreasonable to expect the breeder to reimburse costs that you incurred... after all I imagine it is unlikely the breeder was given an option as to conduct $5,000 work of vet work... If I had been advised of some health issue of the pup I would really insist the dog was re
  22. 'Asher' you are correct in saying that this is due to different factors.... Some dogs are not very adaptable - they can find social interaction difficult - yet they can fit outside of the 'norm' and the procedures that many trainers will often recommend don't really fit. These dogs like to have the world work to their schedule. Dogs can be nervous and try to scare other dogs away... or .... somewhat arrogant / frustrated when others won't play the way they want. Each dog is an individual and when addressing these types of issues there is no - "one solution" because there is no - "one moti
  23. Looks like you have a JRT type... don't be alarmed, this behaviour is quite normal... 6 month old terriers (especially JRT types) get too big for their boots and think they can take on the world... this really has nothing to do with the dog being entire but more just the age he is - basically he is now a teenager and he wants to make his own decisions - You have to create boundaries.... if you don't this behaviour will continue and become worse... There is no problem letting him have off leash play, but sounds like you need supervision with someone who understands how to create good
  24. These online groups can only check so much... They say they verify their sitters Quote "Just a note that the admin team does check every profile and you can see at a glance how the Pawshake team has verified their identity, be it through phone call, email, SMS or Facebook. I hope that helps! " Anyone, with any background can set up a phone number and email an SMS or have Facebook... this is NO VERIFICATION as to who they actually are.... what name they are using or even if they have had a criminal record for theft, animal cruelty.... There is no POLICE CHECK...no WORKING WITH
  25. The metho doesn't need to be used for long... just when you see an outbreak - perhaps for 1-2 days and you break the cycle before it has a chance to get full blown. I wouldn't be having any vaccination at this point as her immune system is already overloaded... After all Vaccinations don't need to be done annual... three yearly has been approved by the AVA.... ref: Dr J Dodds... and also another reference is an article "Annual vaccinations are they necessary" by Dr. Bruce Same on www.vetsallnatural.com.au Also avoid worming etc... until the skin is back to normal.... On
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