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  1. I have a handsome young Chi. The pics old but he's developing a lovely headpiece. He's by a KFinch dog
  2. Unless the calendars are produced by breed clubs with decent dog photographers the dogs usually look like poor specimens of the breed and I refuse to buy one. Who wants to see dogs with only three legs, few hallmarks of a breed, light eyes and half the time they resemble cross breds
  3. Probably no different to showing pups at 3 months of age
  4. Some breeders opt to do one after 8 weeks of age another c3 around a month later and other c3 around 15+ months I advise all of my puppy buyers to get their pups about and about as much as possible and expose them to as many people, situations and positive experiences as possible (avoid dog parks and high dog traffic areas), positive early life experiences and socialisation far out weight the risk of disease
  5. the idiot puts our animals at risk I'd like to know how he's going to fly them out of the country, as if I were to send one of mine out of the country I'd need meet vaccination and export requirements and it's not as simple as putting them on the plane tomorrow, private or not
  6. What a shame Mr Rolly eyes no longer exists. Ever heard of colour dilution alopecia ? I'll highlight the important bit for you . Now you tell me why colour doesn't matter
  7. Not much funs when you are trying to avoid dilutes and yellows and reds are listed as fawn/brindle. Perhaps they should just list the nose colour :laugh:
  8. Breeders who incorrectly register colours should be struck off. Try being a breeder and looking through a pedigree expecting to find factual information, only to find it's not.
  9. My only other tip is to avoid hard bone, weight bearing bone is the quick way to wear down teeth and also fracture them.
  10. Awesome, so what's next ? A Dalmatian without spots Coloured WHW's NSDTR without tail tips Brindle Pugs after all, what does colour really matter ? If you don't want to breed to the standard, then don't breed.
  11. When "colour" becomes irrelevant to some breeders, what's next ? It starts the slippery slope to "generic" dog.
  12. I've raised a few Stafford litters and beyond on raw. Keep it simple, which is a variety of red and white meats on consumable bone. Chicken wings, necks, frames, turkey necks and wing tips, rabbit, roo tails, duck, lamb, beef. Alternate between the meats and a little offal. You can buy raw salmon heads and the smaller oily fish at the supermarkets and add some once or twice a week. Keep the veg to a minimum. If you want to feed fruit and veg content, carrot and apple peels are great or turf a little veg off your kitchen bench as you are preparing dinner. I wouldn't bother with a feeding guide for amounts. For a 9 week old SBT two or three chicken wings depending on the size will constitute a meal. Judge the pup by its condition. You will be adjusting the amounts you feed as the pup has growth spurts. Here's a litter enjoying their wings
  13. Go with K9 as recommended, his proven track record and results speak for themselves. It's not worth potentially compounding the issue while someone else plays experiments with your dog.
  14. I wouldn't put an SBT with a frail and aging dog. SBT's put the shoulder in and they don't go around things, they go straight through them. To be fair to the old dog, I wouldn't bring one into the home until he's gone.
  15. http://www.ozdogbeds.com.au/snooza-pet-futon.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw65GqBRCj3fLFwK2SpWoSJABa3E3cc45jjO4LVNJ7PHpfcaKl8Fq7_qKqNzG9mz41ef9AMRoC7kTw_wcB These fit perfectly in Toledo trailers
  16. Mine had a mix of futon beds topped with blankets and some of them had cube beds. Whippets like their creature comforts. It's a bit bare in there in that pic as I think I'd come back from a show with a friends dogs in a couple of the berths
  17. You train them and take regular toilet breaks and give them the best bedding you can
  18. what a joke that is, although it's certainly not funny. BRT's or RBT's as they are now aren't a fluff ball for average Joe. Jeebus Christ they were developed as a working dog in what is very recent times in the dog world, they aren't exactly shrinking violets.
  19. :laugh: some crackers there You are probably now feeling the frustration of every Stafford, Wolfhound, Deerhound and all manner of other breeders.
  20. Not too many Whippets I know live outside. They can't be too dumb, most spend their life of on the bed or lounge , heaps have doggie doors and the rest manipulate their owners into opening and closing doors for them.
  21. Yep, providing the bitch is physically capable the second season is recommended. Bitches are young, in their prime and ready. You can mate an SBT after 12 months, there are breeds listed in the prescribed schedule but the SBT isn't one of them. You hear all sorts of things, wait until they are two, wait until they are three. I personally given the choice and within the codes put bitches into whelp as soon as they are old enough, if I think they can cope and will do well.
  22. Cut the food amounts right back to a couple of tablespoons and feed out the back on cement.
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