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  1. So much this. Whatever you do please don't take her to Hanrob (speaking from experience).
  2. I'm always amazed at what dogs can do! I love the little booties :)
  3. Thank you ajj 32! I contacted a few vets in the area and found a great puppy school for her which interestingly, is run by a lady that I got private lessons from years ago which is fantastic :)
  4. So sorry I would certainly suggest a specialist too as my heart dog Kingston lived a year when I was told he would be lucky to live another 3 months. Granted he had heart disease but specialists can definitely provide a better diagnosis and treatment long term. Fingers crossed for him.
  5. I will be bringing my puppy home in about 10 days and would like to enroll her into a Puppy Class. Does anyone have any recommendations in the Northern Suburbs area (Preferably Artarmon/Chatswood or nearby). I would be happy to travel a little further if some place comes highly recommended, thank you!
  6. Beagle didn't blink an eye and would've took off with it if the puppet didn't grab it, smart doggie!
  7. Will definitely go see this with my 8 year old nephew, looks great!
  8. I would be furious if that happened to my dog and would want exact details of everything that happened. What I don't understand is how FD says that Wags was with only 5 dogs when there are pictures to prove otherwise? That makes no sense to me. Also if he was deaf wouldn't he need extra supervision at all times or put in with dogs which clearly wouldn't harm him?
  9. Aww, she looks downright cheeky and adorable!
  10. Does this guy see himself as the Dog Whisperer or something?
  11. No worries, glad we had a short chat yesterday. Would've loved to talk some more if it wasn't for the lost puppy! I missed out on these two
  12. That's him, be still my beating heart!! Could you please check my message Her Majesty Dogmad? Thank you!
  13. Poor thing. It breaks my heart to hear of dogs left alone and crying. Hopefully the RSPCA can do something soon.
  14. I would wake to my little Kingston every morning with his face to mine on the pillow. He used to sleep exactly like a human does with head on the pillow and body towards the bed. I'd always be super careful to make sure I didn't give him any stinky treats at night as I would wake up to smelly doggy breath each morning!
  15. I can safely say that babies will get used to dogs barking over time. I've raised triplets with dogs and my three were accustomed to noise and wouldn't wake each other up. I had all mine sleeping in the same room and if one woke up during the night the others would not wake up at all. They seem to get "used" to regular household sounds as well. This is just for barking though as you'd never want to leave babies or young kids with any dogs without supervision. Congratulations and hoping you will have two healthy babies.
  16. I'm sorry to hear you lost your heart dog Kajtek I lost my one and only heart dog a few weeks ago and I still cry daily and not a moment goes by that I don't think of him. I know it might not be much but at least you have another to hold on to. Just don't give up, maybe contact more breeders. Also please keep in mind that some people might have something going on and just might not have replied due to personal issues... Harrison looks totally adorable.
  17. I don't understand how they can do things like this. Let's just say the son wasn't normal, how is it that the parents agreed to this? Or even the next door neighbour? This makes me so sad for the dogs
  18. Listened to a few lectures and it seems good so far. Thanks for linking.
  19. Right now my house looks like mountains with violently folded towels everywhere! It certainly helped a little last night except one tiny spot so I made it through relatively unscathed :) By the way I've decided I'm definitely going with a doggy door option. In the long run this will be best so I'm saving and asking around for quotes etc. @persephone, thanks for the link. I'm going to get some of these in the meantime.
  20. We had a heart specialist appointment today and she said the exact same thing. She did kidney tests and told me I could lower the dose a little. If his respiration rate remains the same I can keep him on the lower dose. @vehs, thanks! I did exactly that today.
  21. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be trying out one of these within the next few days.
  22. My Cavalier recently started on heart meds which makes him drink like 10x more water and he needs to go toilet every 2-3 hours a day. During the day this isn't much of a problem as I take him outside but at night if I don't set my alarm he ends up peeing indoors because he can't hold it in. My whole sleep cycle is broken because I have to wake up to take him out and I can't figure out what to do. I tried to get a doggy door to my balcony but my door being part wooden/half glass the installer said it wasn't possible with the type of door I have unless I go for the half/half option which will cost up to $800 and I can't afford that at the moment. I've heard the indoor toilets really smell bad? my unit is rather small and I have no room to put it in the bathroom which means it will need to be in the living room do I have any other option? can anyone recommend one? The pee pads probably wont work, he pees a great deal (like more than a glass full at a time) and it wont hold it. I have really thick carpet at home and cleaning it is quite difficult
  23. Sorry to hear that Rosiesmum, I hope the vet can get you some answers soon.
  24. Kingston loves cuddles and pats no matter who it is :)
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