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  1. I love going to the dog park. I have a very social lab who enjoys playing with other dogs, and I'm lucky to have a small park with a good group of responsible owners nearby. You definitely need to be wary of new dogs and there can be some very sucky owners out there, but just being careful and aware if new dogs arrive is sufficient. You need to find the right park though.
  2. Can't help with dogs, but when I was getting a lot of cold sores earlier in my pregnancy, I asked my OB about taking it, and she said not to. She's quite liberal about other things and was happier for me to use Zovirax which the internet insists is a big no-no! She said L-lysine hadn't been studied at all during pregnancy. I'm really sorry you lost your litter
  3. It was 2 months, and when it takes 6 weeks to get through a bag, that's not much room for error. Also, as I said in my first post it was an actual expiry date, not a best before date.
  4. I'm definitely not worried about feeding it - it was well sealed and seems fine - just thought it was a bit cheeky. Particularly when it's expensive food! Might give them a call next week.
  5. It was on sale from a large chain store, however it was a general '20% off premium foods' sale, not a 'marked down due to near expiry' sale. Good chance they just didn't realise, but not sure whether to bother telling them? I'll definitely be checking dates in future - it never really occurred to me before now!
  6. We bought a new bag of dog food on 15 August. I just got around to opening it, and noticed the kibble was an older shape, so I checked the date. The bag expires on 14 October this year... It's a 12kg bag that would normally last us 6 weeks. It also says exp, not best before. I guess we'll be able to use most of it before it expires, and to be honest, will probably not panic too much about going a week or two over, but do you think it's acceptable to be selling super premium food so close to expiry? It's not cheap!
  7. So relieved she's home! Such brilliant news! I'm sure all the dogs are getting extra cuddles right now :)
  8. Go pudding! Glad to hear things are looking up :)
  9. This is all I've been able to find after a quick search, but it's dogs outside... http://www.dogsonholidays.com.au/highcountry/euroa/selfcontained/courtsidecottage/ doesn't seem to be much in that area at all!
  10. Omg how awful and traumatic! I'll bet you haven't stopped shaking yet. I have every everything crossed for you that they all pull through!
  11. I was under the impression that antibiotics will kill the probiotics, so maybe wait a few hours after giving antibiotics before then giving probiotics?
  12. Judging by the number of people who responded offering to buy the lot, clearly it isn't that unusual! I assume they were saving money by buying in bulk.
  13. I suspect petplan does. It's also the only one underwritten by a different company (Allianz) - all the other insurers are underwritten by Hollards, which means their policies usually cover the same things when you get down to the details. ETA Are you talking routine dental? I'm not sure anyone would cover that... But I know petplan will cover emergency dental for dogs - my boy broke a few puppy teeth and it was all covered.
  14. I think petplan still offer the best cover, but they're also the most expensive. I've claimed this year with no trouble - I was a bit worried last year when they were changing everything around and seemed completely confused and incompetent, but I'm very happy with the cover and service in recent history.
  15. I would explain your concerns to the breeder, and maybe see if they would allow you to visit several times before the 8 week mark, so you can get to know the pups and vice versa - there may be a clear bond with one of the pups which would make life easier. And if not, at least the breeder will have spent more time with you in person and had more opportunity to pick the right sort of pup for you.
  16. Our choc lab has a small patch of white hair on his chest under his collar, but nothing like what you're seeing! It does certainly seem suss. It did develop more with age though.
  17. I actually think there is a different protocol offered by one particular brand of vaccination. maybe novartis?
  18. Awesome! Gus is going to be a superstar!
  19. Sounds a lot like the breeder of our boy. Despite doing all the right things on paper and having all health testing of parents completed etc, in hindsight I think the operation was primarily a business for her, and she wasn't at all interested in knowing anything about us. I don't really regret our choice - he's a beautiful boy, but I would have preferred more support for sure. I would love to know your breed too!
  20. Petcircle do the 12kg bag for $106.95 with free shipping :) that's where we buy our totw from. How does Stella go on it given that rosemary is considered a no-no for dogs with seizures? We're looking to stock it cheaper than that Many thanks to everyone who gave their opinion. well you might have some new customers if you do! Let us know :)
  21. I've ordered from My pet warehouse a few times - they also have free shipping.
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