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January Photography Challenge - Launched Early


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hehehe thanks so much! Bullmastiffs are the bestest ever......I lost my beautiful 12 year old baby boy (he wasn't a pure bred though but he was pure to me hehehe) in September and have cried every day since. He was my everything and I miss him every minute. Oh and umm he loved cupcakes too - paper and all :rofl::rofl:

I am so sorry to hear that. They are a big part of your life to lose. :rofl:

I bet he loved the cupcakes. :laugh: RnR get cupcakes made for them and Roc loves them but he doesn't eat the paper... Ralph eats the paper of course, and your fingers if you are not quick in withdraw!! :)

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[url="http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=185352" ]CLICK THIS [/url ][color="#FF00FF" ]and join the DOL January Photo a Day challenge - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY![/color ] Photos can be from your phone if that's all you have. JOIN US![/color ][/size ]

I have added a space just before each close bracket... so where you see this little guy ] just in front of it is a space that shouldn't be there.

Cut and paste what is written above and remove each of the spaces. Then it should look like my signature. :thumbsup:

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I know this is actually Decemeber, but Rocco and I went on a special photo shoot yesterday.

My brother and my sister in law are expecting a baby very soon, these are from their maternity shoot:

(and Rocco, this means that you have to post one of your photos too :laugh: )

ETA: btw - this is special because this is my baby brother and he's also my favourite sibling. I can't wait to meet their little one. I'm also photographing the birth.




There are more on my flickr :thumbsup:

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I tried to get a shot of under my desk this morning but shoving the camera under and clicking. This is the result:


Not a good result :cheers:

Then took a pic of one of my foster pei sitting.. he has this really weird sit. I call him my progenia baby cause he just looks old.


Side on:


Too tired to try again.. been up all night talking to p*ssed peanuts in a call centre. Time for :cheer: for this wood duck :eek:

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Ash, your shots are stunning cant wait to see Roccos,

Ams, gotta love the pei sit, very cute :cheer:

Kja You look so happy but Dora has the sad face on, great shot!!

SBT, Both nice but I especially love the B & W shot!

Ness, your pic isnt on the page, not sure what happened??

My first one for this Challenge, My pup Bronson who I was trying to catch in a bark, he was barking so quick it was hard to capture!!


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Love the sharpeis!!

Ness - can't see your images. You need to copy the IMG tags over to here from flickr only. Unless you are only going to post links that ppl have to click to see :cheer:

tlc - Bronson = cutie!!

And Dora was sooking because a) she's over the whole mom with camera thing and b) Tilly bombards her constantly when we are on the beach & Dora can't get a second without Til bouncing on her or kicking sand on her.

Edited by kja
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You have to click the image, then it takes you to another screen and there you will find the IMG tags. You have to do this for every single image.

I can't be exact as flickr won't let me in to my own account at all :cheer:

I'm using photobucket, too. So much friggin easier and their file naming makes far more sense, too. Oh, and it doesn't totally over-sharpen images.

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