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Elbie, Hoover, Dodge & Friends!


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Elbie's our new puppy. He is 3/4 kelpie and 1/4 border collie.

This is him in his original crate used for toilet training


This is him in his new crate


Elbie sleeping


Elbie waiting for food


Elbie with rawhide bone


Elbie on his cushion


Elbie in the yard



Resting on the deck


He's now almost 11 weeks and has wonky ears - they can't decide if they're going to stay down or stand up :(


He starts puppy classes next week and obedience classes in June.

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very cute puppy and gorgeous pics. I love the "Elbie with rawhide bone" :provoke:

and I love how you've labelled them, although stating the obvious I find it really sweet: Elbie waiting for food, Elbie resting on deck. Elbie on his cushion etc. :wave:

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Thanks for all the kind replies. I can't believe how quickly Elbie's been growing! :rofl: He keeps us very, VERY busy but we adore him to bits.

This is what he used to look like when he wanted attention


Elbie's poor massacred chew toy - the unfortunate horse


Elbie with his "not me" expression


Elbie's very sociable. When he's not with us, he's in the yard on the deck nearby and he always comes if he hears a sound in the kitchen. When we surf the net, these days he sits nearby in his dog bed playing with his toys. He might even join in. One day we picked him up and he decided he preferred the think pad over the mouse


As a puppy, he runs out of energy fast.


He has many, many lovable looks


Canberra's getting very cold so at night, we give him a hot water bottle and tuck him in. He has learned that the sound of the kettle means that he's getting a hot water bottle so he leaps out of his crate and sits near the the kettle to supervise. We inevitably do not make his bottle fast enough because he will make plaintive little honking sounds that are as cute as they are bizarre. The look below is the one he shoots us when he's tucked in and using the hot water bottle as a pillow. Almost like a: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" :rofl:


He has a very proud way of sitting up - that makes his ears look even more indecisive :rofl:


I get this look from him a lot where he wants some attention or playtime. He'll put his little head in the palm of my hand and just look up at me soulfully


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He is incredibly settled in his crate these days and we can't believe how well-behaved he usually is. At nights, he gets one toilet break at 4am and then the crate door's open again again at brekky at 8am



Sometimes he's a bit of a monster. Here he is with a chew toy. We did go through a bad few weeks where he thought that *we* were his favourite chew toy and we had to seek help here at the forums. Thank goodness he finally settled down because it was becoming impossible to even just pat him!


He's such a sociable dog that resting in his crate puts him to the side of the room so we got him a dog bed that we can move around to wherever we are


He had some difficulty getting in and out at first but you can see

that he's got the hang of it now.

He seems to like it a lot :rofl:


He'll generally play in there on his own but we'll look up from time to time and see very hopeful puppy eyes


His ears still don't know if they're going to be up or down



We don't mind because we love him dearly



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