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Really sorry to hear your sad news CM. I think you've made the right decision too, hard as it must have been. He's a gorgeous boy and its great seeing how much he's enjoying his life in your photos - may there be many more.

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Guest Clover

Oh CM my heart sank when i saw this :laugh:. I too think you have made the right decision for your beautiful man. Make his remaining time happy and full of love, and i hope you have many more photo op's.

He is such a handsome dog, my favourite Dol'er dog for sure :love:.

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thanks a million all :(

he's still really good within himself, though the progress of those lumps are worrying. Has anyone heard of the idea that if you have cancer and interfere with it (as in a biopsy) that it "wakes-up and goes to town" or escalates, I've heard this from a couple of people and I feel this maybe going on :hug: ... of course, there's no way to tell ... and I'm still astounded at how well he's feeling

water features prominently in my favourite photos of him :(





I've posted this one before for sure


his funny pre-emptive excited play-bow


and his cute bark



you may have seen this one too: his barking video :rofl:

... oh man, I haven't watched that in a while, it really makes me smile :rofl:

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just wanted to give a bit of an update:

He's still doing pretty good, still happy enough, though the little lumps have multiplied quite considerably in his leg, both on top of the biggest lump on his hock, and in new places up and down that same leg. It looks really ugly. And he has been holding it up a little more than he was a week or so ago, hopping, and ever so slightly limping on it. He's also had a recent check-up with the vets and they expect that the lumps will become nasty and ulcerate before it gets too painful into his bones, which may sound bad, but at least he's still not in any real pain, except for the very recent slight limping, he hasn't shown any signs of pain.

Late last year I bought him a little red wagon so I could take him to the park with the pack, we had 1 good go, trouble with some pieces missing, then he didn't want to ride in it, then finally I gave it another shot, and he was happy to ride, so took him out early last weekend down to the park, a chance to potter around, then back in for the ride home :champagne:

because it was so early the light wasn't the best, but he went for a little dip in the park puddle (after the heavy rains)



and just because here's a couple of favs from last month that you may have missed, hidden in the Jan Challenge thread






nick-named "Texa-cocoa"






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This is such a beautiful thread CM, not only because your photos are so totally gorgeous, but also because of how much you adore your beautiful Texas.

He is one of my favourite DOL dogs too.

Keep spoiling him rotten :eek: and I hope you can keep him pain free & happy for as long as possible.

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WOW texas looks sooo much like Mav!! and the crazy behaviour to go with! Mav is very photogenic much like ur stunning boy Texas :(

I can feel ur pain in the way u talk about this sweet boy :cry: my heart goes out to u and the whole doggie family as he will be missed by all :eek:

Looks like ur making the absolute most of everyday with him, treasure ur memories with him and the others :rofl:

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thanks heaps everyone :laugh:

Texas celebrated his 14th Birthday on Wednesday, I booked us all (4 pack and my mother came along) in for an hour at Kepala :)

he loved the swimming, retrieving the wubba kong




was totally exhausted by the end ... but he pulled up pretty good considering ... and they all got some juicy bones once we got home :laugh:


and while my mother was visiting I got her to help me out the day before for a trip to the park


Mum was pulling the cart, I was holding onto Jame, Chess and Lotus, watching for traffic, other dogs etc, and ensuring he didn't sit up, and trying to click off a couple of shots! Amazed I was able to do this by myself last week (or so), it really isn't that easy :laugh:


the ugly mat was key to him enjoying the ride again


cheers :laugh:

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