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thanks everyone! so sad, I'm sure I haven't cried so much, just the little things set me going again ... the internet is good for distraction, and I started a book, I haven't read in quite a while, and telly has been ok, but as soon as I stop ... I bawl :(

He had real soul that I miss most, just his presence, being here :)

thanks for letting me blah blah here a little

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So sorry to hear about Texas, my deepest sympathy to you and our doggies, how are they coping?

All your photos here really reflect how much of a fantastic life Texas has and how you feel about him.

We lost our old dog at 16 and it was the hardest thing ever, even when you know it is coming, it doesn't make it any easier!

Thinking of you at this sad time, take care. xx

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Very sorry to hear about Texas CM. Thanks so much for sharing all those gorgeous pictures of your beautiful boy enjoying his happy life with you.

Please take care of yourself and the rest of your beautiful pack. :thumbsup:

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awww that is so sad. He was such a clever boy and you guys had such a great bond - actually you have a great bond with all your dogs so I hope they can help you through this rough time


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