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Fresh 4 Paws In The Herald Sun!


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Complete with a wonderful photo of all her helpers! :winner: Congrats Suz, well deserved xx Bet you'll get more customers now.

DISHING out delicious dinners for hungry hounds has delivered a canine caterer a recipe for success. Mother of four Suzette Ryan started out to please her own pets, but now has more than 100 hounds as customers.

And starting up Fresh 4 Paws has just earned her the Master Dog Breeder Association's Best Dog Product of the Year Award.

When the cooking is done, she must contend with her excited customers tearing the bottoms out of her delivery bags when she drops off their doggy dinners at the front door.

"Some are so happy to see me knowing I'm carrying a week's worth of food they knock me over as soon as I get in the gate," Ms Ryan said.

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