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Rip Jake . My Beautiful Big Boy

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We got you and your brother around 11 years ago at the age of 18 months . You both had grown too big for the children's petting farm .

We moved from acreage to suburbia 3 years ago , the decision was made for you to come with us. You seemed to enjoy living in the backyard being part of the family .

You were such a gentle giant . You had slowed down a lot lately but still enjoyed your little games with Maggie right up till yesterday then today you just went so quickly .

The backyard now feels so empty . I will miss you heaps Jake . Goodbye My Beautiful Big Boy


week #4/52 by mtd3, on Flickr

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We had a beautiful nubian boy called George and he used to even come for drives in the car as well as be in the house whenever he wanted during the day (usually eating the paper or house plants). They are amazing animals and I am so sorry you have lost your boy Jake after such a long life as part of your family. Take care. xxx

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