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Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

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Here’s Secret and Neko ❤️  

these are the best I could manage for birthday girl. IMG_0351 by kirislin, on Flickr   Sleepy  IMG_0349 by kirislin, on Flickr   windows to her soul  IMG_0348 by kir

Haven’t posted in ages. Here’s Neko’s daughter Secret and old boy Tag, who she considers one of her possessions.

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A Whippet with a very full tummy... now there's a sight you don't see every day... *grin*

Stunning girl - and I'm sure she's going to have stunning pups.


actually this one's an Italian greyhound so even smaller again. They usually have around 3-4 pups, but we think she's got more in there, she's put on 2.5kgs so far, with a week to go. :eek:

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I had a dream last night that a dog of mine had 5 puppies and one was HUGE....so I'm saying she's having 5 puppies. :laugh:

Widget herself was a huge singleton, but we know there's more than one giant in there cause we listened to several heartbeats yesterday. 5 would be considered a large litter by IG standards, but we're wondering if she might even have 6 :eek: although I think I could only find 4 heartbeats, not sure though. I suppose all will be revealed very soon.

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