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Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!


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5F6A7103dppt by kirislin, on Flickr


5F6A7104dppt by kirislin, on Flickr

"Daddy, how did this happen to me?" she asks


5F6A7111dppt by kirislin, on Flickr


5F6A7113dppt by kirislin, on Flickr


5F6A7115dpp by kirislin, on Flickr

Dont you dare post these photos of me on the internet!


5F6A7118dppt by kirislin, on Flickr

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A Whippet with a very full tummy... now there's a sight you don't see every day... *grin*

Stunning girl - and I'm sure she's going to have stunning pups.


actually this one's an Italian greyhound so even smaller again. They usually have around 3-4 pups, but we think she's got more in there, she's put on 2.5kgs so far, with a week to go. :eek:

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I had a dream last night that a dog of mine had 5 puppies and one was HUGE....so I'm saying she's having 5 puppies. :laugh:

Widget herself was a huge singleton, but we know there's more than one giant in there cause we listened to several heartbeats yesterday. 5 would be considered a large litter by IG standards, but we're wondering if she might even have 6 :eek: although I think I could only find 4 heartbeats, not sure though. I suppose all will be revealed very soon.

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