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Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!


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I couldn't help myself, I had an attack of the mushies and had to go back down yesterday to gaze at them some more. They wont be like this for long and already I could see they've grown and changed a bit. Have to soak it up and make the most of it.

Meet boy 1


5F6A7184dpptcr by kirislin, on Flickr

Boy 2


5F6A7188dpptcr by kirislin, on Flickr

and girl


5F6A7193dpptcr by kirislin, on Flickr


5F6A7202dpptcr by kirislin, on Flickr


5F6A7206dpptcr by kirislin, on Flickr

Boy 1 with Pac man on his chest


5F6A7217dpptcr by kirislin, on Flickr

Boy 2


5F6A7227dpptcr by kirislin, on Flickr

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Gorgeous photos, some of the best photos of puppies that I've ever seen (mine are always SO dark!). Can't wait to watch them grow :)

WOW! Look at the weights on them!!

Stunning photos Kirislin... love your work!


No wonder you couldn't stay away :love: Just adorable and gorgeous shots too :)

thankyou all. I struggled a bit with the light, so they have a very shallow depth of field which I'd prefer not to have but when I upped the ISO then I have the noise. Anyway, it's still a record of them for their owner. I wish I had a camera like this when Kibahs puppies were born 11 years ago.

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omg their teeny tiny noses, and their teeny tiny feet, and those itty bitty silky ears :love:

and they're so sleek and smooth, their feet are like tiny berries and their tails are almost pre-hensile at the moment, they seem to wrap themselves around a finger if you touch them, about the same as they've wrapped themselves around my heart.

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Wow they are stunning little igglets. You know which one is my fave.

Will there be an addition to your own family from this litter?

We are still hurting from losing the 2nd little black girl, he had 2 people who both wanted girls just like the mum Widget. Breeding is fraught uncertainty and sometimes heartbreak isn't it. :cry:
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